Chapter 3.24


3.24.010    Outside employment – Employer to notify department.

3.24.020    Outside employment – Screening.

3.24.030    Outside employment – Compensation.

3.24.040    Outside employment – Duty status.

3.24.050    Outside employment – Procedure promulgation.

3.24.010 Outside employment – Employer to notify department.

Any person, agency, or firm desiring to hire a commissioned city police officer for police-related work shall contact the police department at least three days in advance of any such employment and shall then and there provide such information as may be required by the chief of police or his delegate. For the purposes of BMC 3.24.010 through 3.24.050, the type of employment sought to be regulated is that outside employment by police officers which may foreseeably require the exercise of the powers of a commissioned city police officer. [Ord. 8614 § 1, 1977].

3.24.020 Outside employment – Screening.

Any such requests for employment shall be reviewed by the chief of police or his delegate for appropriateness for police personnel and to ascertain the necessity for the use of commissioned police officers. If the proposed employment situation is found to be inappropriate or no necessity is shown, then the chief of police or his delegate may reject such a request. [Ord. 8614 § 2, 1977].

3.24.030 Outside employment – Compensation.

Any such private employment which is approved by the chief of police or his delegate shall be at an hourly rate computed by multiplying by one and one-half the average hourly wage for all commissioned police personnel below the rank of captain and rounding said figure off to the nearest $0.10. Said rate shall be for a minimum of two hours per person assigned. The exact amount due shall be paid to the finance department of the city and shall be based upon the overtime slip submitted by the individual officer assigned. [Ord. 8614 § 3, 1977].

3.24.040 Outside employment – Duty status.

All such employment shall be during the officer’s off-duty hours and assignment shall normally be on a rotating basis with other interested officers; provided, that any officer who is assigned to such employment shall be considered as being on duty during the hours of such employment, but on a special assignment. [Ord. 8614 § 4, 1977].

3.24.050 Outside employment – Procedure promulgation.

The chief of police may adopt such procedures as may be necessary to administer BMC 3.24.010 through 3.24.040. Violation of any procedure so adopted or any provisions of BMC 3.24.010 through 3.24.040 may result in disciplinary proceedings against the offending police personnel. [Ord. 8614 § 5, 1977].