Chapter 3.32


3.32.010    Establishment.

3.32.020    Salary step plan.

3.32.030    Repealed.

3.32.040    Promotions to new positions.

3.32.050    Repealed.

3.32.060    Incentive plan.

3.32.010 Establishment.

The mayor shall propose a compensation plan for exempt (nonrepresented) employees for approval by the city council during the adoption of an operating budget. [Ord. 2013-09-072 § 9; Ord. 9384 § 1, 1984].

3.32.020 Salary step plan.

There is established a salary step plan consisting of the following parts:

A. Five Steps. Each exempt employee shall be placed in a salary step. There shall be separate salary ranges for each position consisting of five salary steps. There shall be a five percent differential between each step. Employees shall move up one step per year upon reaching their employment anniversary date.

B. Step Diagram.







(1) 82.27%

(2) 86.38%

(3) 90.7%

(4) 95.24%

(5) 100%

C. Ranges.

1. Ranges shall be determined by the division of personnel services with the use of market data compiled from comparable cities. A formula for calculating ranges based upon such market data shall be devised.

2. Ranges shall be adjusted periodically in order to reflect market conditions and considerations of bargaining unit awards. This shall be accomplished through a survey of the salaries of exempt employees in comparable cities and an evaluation of the impact of bargaining unit salary awards.

D. Hiring-In. A new employee may be placed in Steps 1 through 3, depending upon qualifications and/or market considerations. No hiring-in shall exceed Step 3 except where market considerations warrant such placement and the mayor approves the placement. [Ord. 2013-09-072 § 10; Ord. 9384 § 2, 1984].

3.32.030 Job audits.

Repealed by Ord. 2013-09-072. [Ord. 9384 § 3, 1984].

3.32.040 Promotions to new positions.

When an employee is promoted, the employee shall be placed in a salary range of the new position that will allow the employee an increase over the employee’s previous salary. [Ord. 9384 § 4, 1984].

3.32.050 Implementation.

Repealed by Ord. 2013-09-072. [Ord. 9384 § 5, 1984].

3.32.060 Incentive plan.

An incentive plan is established to provide a means for rewarding employees who assume projects or tasks beyond what is considered a normal part of their position. The plan shall further provide a means for rewarding exemplary professional development of direct value to the city. Such reward shall be granted through a one-time-only salary adjustment which shall not be perpetuated beyond the year in which it is granted. The adjustment shall be awarded only after completion of a special assignment or of exemplary professional development according to a predetermined performance standard and goal. The individual’s normal salary range and placement in the range shall not be affected. This incentive plan shall be established as follows:

A. The division of personnel services, under the supervision of the mayor, shall administer the plan.

B. Participation in the plan shall be conditioned upon allocation of a yearly budget for implementing of the plan.

C. Approval of the mayor shall be required prior to participation in the plan.

D. A clear definition of base level responsibilities, i.e., the performance for which the normal salary is awarded, shall be developed for each employee participating in the plan.

E. A clear statement of the goal(s) to be achieved shall be developed by each participating employee and their supervisor or, in the case of the department heads, with the mayor.

F. The mayor, on behalf of the city, and the employee shall execute a written agreement identifying the goal(s) to be achieved, and the consideration therefor, prior to the assumption of the special responsibilities or undertaking of the professional development effort.

G. At the conclusion of the performance period, the mayor shall determine if the objectives of the agreement have been achieved satisfactorily. If achieved, the mayor shall authorize the salary adjustment. [Ord. 9384 § 7, 1984].