Chapter 4.40


4.40.010    Established.

4.40.020    Purpose.

4.40.030    Administration.

4.40.010 Established.

The finance director is directed to establish a special revenue fund to be known as the “public safety dispatch fund.” [Ord. 9165 § 2, 1982].

4.40.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the fund is to account for the receipts and expenditures of the 911 telephone tax and the charges to user agencies and operation. The system for charging the user agencies will be established by an interlocal cooperative agreement for the joint communication center.

4.40.030 Administration.

Administration of this fund is the responsibility of the Bellingham police department, which will administer it through the director of communications in accordance with those policies established by the center’s board of administration as outlined in the interlocal cooperative agreement. [Ord. 9165 § 3, 1982].