Title 6


6.04    Bellingham Business and Occupations Tax Code

6.05    General Business Registrations and Administrative Provisions for Certain Taxes

6.06    Occupation Tax and License

6.08    Business Licenses and Regulations – Carnivals and Sidewalk Vending

6.10    Ambulances

6.11    Source of Income Discrimination

6.12    Notice of Rent Increase

6.13    Notice of No Cause Termination

6.15    Rental Registration and Safety Inspection Program

6.17    Cable Television

6.18    Canvassers and Solicitors

6.24    Continuous Amusements, Performances, and Marathon Contests

6.26    Handbill Distribution

6.30    Adult Entertainment Businesses

6.32    Teen Dance Halls

6.34    Firearms Retail Establishments

6.47    Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance

6.54    Taxicabs and For-Hire Vehicles

6.55    Transportation Network Company Services

6.56    Weights and Measures

6.62    Privately Owned Emergency Alarm Systems

6.64    Public Authorities

6.70    Utility and Telecommunications Providers


    For statutory provisions regarding the licensing powers of cities of the first class, see RCW 35.22.280(33).

    For additional regulations on dances, see Chapter 6.32 RCW.

    For statutory provisions regarding pawnbrokers, see Chapter 19.60 RCW.

    For statutory provisions regarding ambulances and ambulance personnel, see RCW 18.73.130 et seq.; for provisions regarding the city’s emergency medical and ambulance advisory board, see Chapter 2.60 BMC.

    For additional provisions regarding handbills, see Chapter 10.60 BMC.

    For statutory provisions authorizing local licensing of massage parlors, see RCW 18.108.210.

    For statutory provisions regarding dairies and dairy products, see Chapters 15.32 and 15.36 RCW.

    For statutory provisions regarding loan agencies, see RCW Title 31.

    For statutory provisions regarding for-hire vehicles, see Chapter 46.72 RCW.

    For statutory provisions regarding weights and measure, see Chapter 19.94 RCW.