Title 10


10.04    General Provisions and Definitions

10.06    Criminal Liability and Defenses

10.08    Controlled Substances

10.10    Offenses Against Persons

10.12    Offenses Against Property

10.14    Domestic Violence – Violations and Orders

10.18    Fraud and Deceit

10.20    Offenses Against Public Morals

10.24    Offenses Against Public Order

10.26    Offenses By or Against Juveniles

10.28    Nuisances

10.30    Weapons Control

10.32    Repealed

10.36    Gambling

10.42    Fish and Game

10.48    Fair Housing Practices

10.56    Aircraft

10.60    Litter Control

10.62    Juvenile Curfew Ordinance


    For statutory provisions regarding controlled substances, see RCW Title 69; for provisions regarding possession of marijuana, see RCW 69.50.401; for provisions regarding glue sniffing, see Chapter 9.47A RCW; for provisions regarding possession of intoxicating liquor by minors, see Chapter 66.44 RCW.

    For statutory provisions concerning civil action for shoplifting by adults and minors, see RCW 4.24.230.

    For statutory provisions regarding interference with traffic-control devices, see RCW 46.61.080.

    For statutory provisions regarding disorderly conduct, see RCW 9A.84.030.

    For statutory provisions regarding nuisances generally, see Chapters 7.48 and 9.66 RCW.

    For additional provisions on the licensing of dances, see Chapter 6.32 BMC; for provisions regarding licensing of cabaret dancing, see Chapter 6.30 BMC.

    For statutory provisions regarding unfair practices with regard to real estate transactions, see RCW 49.60.222 through 49.60.310.

    For statutory provisions on litter control, see Chapter 70.93 RCW; for provisions regarding licensing of handbill distributors, see Chapter 6.26 BMC.