Chapter 14.24


14.24.010    Penalty.

14.24.020    Foreclosure of delinquent assessments.

14.24.010 Penalty.

A penalty of 12 percent shall attach to and become a part of all assessments for local or special improvements or installments thereof immediately upon the same becoming delinquent. [Ord. 9292 § 1, 1984; Code 1980 at § 13.28.010].

14.24.020 Foreclosure of delinquent assessments.

A. When any local improvement district assessment is payable in installments, upon failure to pay any two installments due, the entire assessment shall become immediately due and payable, and the collection thereof will be enforced by foreclosure.

B. The payment of all delinquent installments, together with interest, penalty and costs, at any time before the entry of judgment in foreclosure extends the time of payment of the remainder of the assessments as if there had been no delinquency or foreclosure.

C. In case of foreclosure, there shall be added to the costs and expenses provided by Chapter 35.50 RCW such reasonable attorneys’ fees as the court may adjudge to be equitable, and the amount thereof shall be apportioned against each delinquent assessment or installment foreclosed on.

D. Pursuant to RCW 35.50.030, proceedings to foreclose delinquent city LID liens may be commenced on or before June 1st of any given year. [Ord. 9743 § 1, 1987; Ord. 9535, 1986].