Chapter 20.22


20.22.010    Initiation of action.

20.22.020    Text amendment process.

20.22.030    City council action.

20.22.010 Initiation of action.

Any person may suggest amendments to development regulations for initiation by the city council, planning commission or planning director. Individual citizens cannot initiate an amendment but can ask the planning director, commission or council to initiate the action. Amendments to the neighborhood plan may be initiated through the process in Chapter 20.20 BMC for comprehensive plan and neighborhood plan amendments. [Ord. 2004-09-065; Ord. 9024, 1982].

20.22.020 Text amendment process.

An amendment to this title shall follow the procedures established in Chapter 21.10 BMC. [Ord. 2004-09-065].

20.22.030 City council action.

After holding a public hearing to consider the findings and recommendations of the planning commission, the city council shall have the authority to confirm, alter, or modify any of the planning commission’s recommendations. [Ord. 9024, 1982].