Chapter 20.50


20.50.010    Enforcement officer.

20.50.020    Certificate of occupancy.

20.50.030    License.

20.50.040    Permits.

20.50.010 Enforcement officer.

A. It shall be the duty of the director (or authorized employee) to enforce the provisions of this title, or any conditions properly imposed by the hearing examiner or council related to the use of land, and see that any violations are remedied through proper legal channels.

B. Upon presentation of proper credentials, the director or his duly authorized representatives may enter at reasonable times any building, structure, or premises in the city to perform any duty imposed by this title; provided, however, that the occupant of a dwelling unit has the right to request that the inspections be delayed until a time mutually agreed upon by the occupants and the inspector. Should the occupant refuse to allow inspection within a reasonable time, the director shall obtain a court order prior to entry. When possible, said director is required to advise said occupant of his rights pursuant to this subsection.

C. The director of any city employee charged with the enforcement of this title, acting in good faith and without malice in the discharge of the duties herein imposed, shall not thereby render himself liable personally and is hereby relieved from all personal liability for the damages that may accrue to persons or property as a result of any act required or by reason of any act or omission in the discharge of the duties. Any suit brought against the director or employee, because of such act or omission, shall be defended by the city until termination of the proceedings. [Ord. 2002-10-069 § 58; Ord. 9024, 1982].

20.50.020 Certificate of occupancy.

A. A certificate of occupancy shall be obtained from the building official before any building, structure, or premises may be occupied and prior to the establishment, relocation or transformation of a use. Single-family homes and duplexes are exempt from this requirement unless such structure is nonconforming.

B. The director, or authorized representative, shall not give final approval for any aspects of a certificate of occupancy for which he or she has authority unless all the provisions of this title or other conditions imposed have been completed and satisfied or a means of completion has been approved by the city attorney.

C. Upon written request of the property owner, the building official shall, after inspection of the premises, issue a certificate of occupancy if he finds the buildings and use in conformance with the provisions of this title and building code. A certificate of occupancy shall be issued for all lawful nonconforming uses and buildings, and such certificate shall indicate the manner that such use or building does not comply with this title. A copy of all certificates of occupancy shall be kept on file in the office of the building official. [Ord. 9024, 1982].

20.50.030 License.

A. Business and occupational licenses shall not be issued unless the applicant has a valid certificate of occupancy as defined hereunder.

B. The director, or authorized employee, shall not sign any such license unless the use satisfies the provisions of this title. [Ord. 9024, 1982].

20.50.040 Permits.

No building permit shall be issued for the construction, alteration, or relocation of any building, structure, or part thereof unless the plans, specifications and intended use of such buildings or structures conform in all respects with the provisions of this title. [Ord. 9024, 1982].