Article VIII


8.01    Fiscal Year

8.02    Taxation, Indebtedness And Bonds

8.03    Budgets And Budgetary Procedures

8.04    Budget Control

8.05    Finance Director – Appointment, Qualifications and Duties

8.06    Finance Director – Records, Instruments And Corporate Seal

8.07    Finance Director – Payroll Record

8.08    Finance Director – Money Payable To City

8.09    Finance Director – Disbursement Of Funds

8.10    Finance Director – Report To Mayor And Council

8.11    Finance Director – Report From Depository

8.12    Bonds And Warrants

8.13    Additional Regulations

8.01 Fiscal Year

The City’s fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

8.02 Taxation, Indebtedness And Bonds

The City shall have all powers granted to cities by the constitution and laws of the state in the levying and collecting of taxes, incurring of indebtedness, issuance, transfer, refunding, and sale of bonds, and any lawful financing procedures or methods.

8.03 Budgets And Budgetary Procedures

The budget shall be prepared and acted upon in the manner and within the time limit prescribed by state law. The Council may prescribe budget procedures supplemental to, and not inconsistent with, the provisions of the state law and this Charter.

8.04 Budget Control

At the beginning of each quarterly period during the fiscal year, and more often if required, the Finance Director shall submit to the Mayor and the Council a written report showing the relation between the estimated income and expenses and actual income and expenses to date; and if it shall appear that the income is less than anticipated, the Council may reduce appropriations, except amounts required to meet contractual obligations and for debt, interest, and other fixed charges, to such a degree as may be necessary to keep expenditures within the cash income.

8.05 Finance Director – Appointment, Qualifications and Duties

The Finance Director shall be appointed or removed by the Mayor, with Council approval. The Finance Director shall be appointed based on professional qualifications with special reference to knowledge and experience in municipal finance.

The Finance Director shall be responsible for all the finances of the City of Bellingham. The Finance Director shall be responsible for the performance of all duties normally assigned to the clerk and the treasurer and such other duties as required by state law or ordinance.

The Finance Director shall receive and give receipt for all funds payable to the City and shall make receipt therefor in duplicate, one of which the Finance Director shall deliver to the party making the payment, and one of which shall be retained in the Finance Director’s own office. All such receipts shall be issued in serial number.

The Finance Director, or designated representative, shall attend all City Council meetings, and keep a journal of its proceedings.

The Finance Director shall sign all warrants and licenses issued pursuant to the orders and ordinances of the City Council. The Finance Director shall keep an account in an appropriate book of all licenses issued, with the names of the persons to whom issued, the date of issue, the times for which they were granted, and the sums paid therefor.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.06 Finance Director – Records, Instruments And Corporate Seal

The Finance Director shall have the custody of the City Seal, the public records, except such as are intrusted by the provisions of this Charter to other officers, the original rolls of ordinances, the original contracts, deeds and certificates relative to the title of any property of this City, all official indemnity or surety bonds, except the bond for the Finance Director position, which shall be deposited with the Mayor, and such other records as are required by ordinance. The Finance Director shall attest all public instruments and the official acts of the Mayor by signature and the City seal. The Finance Director shall certify under the Seal of the City all copies of original records as may be required, and shall charge therefor such fees as are prescribed by ordinance.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.07 Finance Director – Payroll Record

The Finance Director shall keep a payroll record of all persons employed by the City, which record shall be open to public inspection during business hours.

8.08 Finance Director – Money Payable To City

Every officer, or employee, or agent of the City, or any other person, who shall receive or have in hand any money payable to the City, shall immediately pay the same to the City Finance Director, taking a receipt therefor.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.09 Finance Director – Disbursement Of Funds

All payments authorized by the Council shall be by warrants drawn upon the City treasury, signed by the Mayor and Finance Director and such warrants shall be paid in the order in which they are issued. Each warrant shall be numbered and shall state the purpose for which it is issued.

All funds received by the Finance Director shall be deposited in a depository selected and qualified in accordance with state law.

8.10 Finance Director – Report To Mayor And Council

The Finance Director shall, at the close of each month, make a written report to the Mayor and the Council on the amount of monies received and disbursed and the amount on hand.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.11 Finance Director – Report From Depository

The account of the City in each depository shall be in the name of the “City of Bellingham.” Each depository shall render a monthly statement of the credits and debits to the account of the City, and such monthly statement, together with the canceled vouchers, shall be delivered to the Finance Director. The Finance Director shall compare and reconcile all such statements of account with the records in the Finance Director’s office and shall report to the Mayor that such statements are correct or otherwise, and when found correct the statement and vouchers shall be filed.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.12 Bonds And Warrants

Neither the Finance Director, nor Mayor, nor any Council Member, nor any official or employee connected with the office of the Finance Director, shall purchase or sell any bonds or warrants of the City, except in the official capacity as provided in this Charter, Provided; That the Finance Director, Mayor, Council Member, or any official or employee connected with the office of the Finance Director may sell warrants issued to them personally for services performed.

[Amended April 18, 2008 (Ord. 2008-04-033)]

8.13 Additional Regulations

The Council may make such regulations, not inconsistent with provisions of this article, and in conformity with state law, as will further safeguard the funds of the City of Bellingham.