2010 Resolutions


A Resolution Requesting Staff Assistance To Hold A Stakeholder Meeting To Implement Bicycle Lanes On Northwest/Elm/Dupont Streets


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington Adopting A Transportation Impact Fee (TIF) Base Rate For 2011.


A Resolution Fixing The Times And Dates Of The 2011 Regular Meeting Of The Bellingham City Council Beginning January 3, 2011


A Resolution Relating To The Adoption Of The 2011 Action Plan Of The 2008-2012 Consolidation Plan, The Use Of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds And Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) Funds, The Allocation Of Funds To Support Selected City Human Services Agencies And Directing The Mayor To Submit The 2011 Action Plan To The U.S Department Of Housing And Urban Development


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Authorizing Good Faith Participation In Discussions Relating To The Provisions Of Cooperative Fire And Emergency Medical Services.


Resolution To Oppose Initiatives 1100 And 1105.


A Resolution Fixing The Time For A Public Hearing On The Proposed Street And Alley Vacation For 26th Street And The Alleyway To The West Abutting Blocks 251 And 252, Fairhaven Land Co. Third Addition To Fairhaven, Generally Between Douglas Avenue And Taylor Street.


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington Authorizing The Adoption Of The National Incident Management System As The Basis For All Incident Management In The City Of Bellingham.


Resolution Accepting The Cable Television Franchise Renewal Informal Needs Assessment Report. (Re Comcast)


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington In Support Of Continuing The Multi-Agency Coordination Center In Whatcom County


A Resolution Adopting The Lake Whatcom Management Program 2010-2014 Work Plan


A Resolution Fixing The Time For A Public Hearing On The Proposed Vacation Of The Northern Half Of Cowgill Avenue Abutting Block 147, Plat Of Fairhaven Land Company's Second Addition To Fairhaven.


Public Works Presentation Of The Draft 2011-2016 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington Adopting A Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program


A Resolution Establishing Policy On Fleet Fuel.


A Resolution Promoting Energy Alternatives To Fossil Fuels, And In Particular, Canadian Tar Sands Sources; And Encouraging The Use Of Alternative Transportation Techniques To Minimize Reliance On Fossil Fuels.


A Resolution Endorsing Financial Management Guidelines For The City Of Bellingham


A Resolution Of The City Council Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington, Declaring Its Intention To Order The Improvement Of 34th Street Sewer Between Taylor Street And Donovan Avenue, Beginning Aproximately 1500 Feet North Of Donovan And Running South; And To Create A Local Improvement District To Access The Cost And Expense Of Carrying Out Those Improvements Against The Properties Specially Benefitted Thereby, And Notifying All Persons Who Desire To Comment On, Or Object To, The Improvements To Appear And Present Their Objections At A Hearing Before The City Coundil, To Be Held On July 12,2010.


Limited Time Discount Sale On Gravesites At Bayview Cemetery


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham In Opposition To All Removal Alternatives That Negatively Impact Planned Use Of Little Squalicum Park And Are Not Protective Of Human Health And Environmental And Support Of Alternative 2(C).


A Resolution Granting Final Plat Approval For The Plat Of Emerald Cottages (A.K.A. 1010 Telegraph), Consisting Of 15 Single Family Lots, A Public Tract For right-of-way Purposes, And Private Tracts For Parking, Pedestrian, And Open Space Purposes, Located In Area 9, King Mountain Neighborhood At 1010 Telegraph Road.


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Declaring That An Emergency Existed Justifying An Exemption From The Formal Bid Process With Regard To Emergency Repairs Due To Wind Damage On The RG Haley Site


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington To Submit A Response To Google's Fiber For Communities Request For Information.


A Resolution To Invite BALLE ( The Business Alliance For Local Living Economies) To The City Of Bellingham To Hold Their June 2011 National Conference.


A Resolution Support Of HB 3181 / SB 6851, The Clean Water Act Of 2010


A Resolution Establishing The Docket Of Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment To Be Reviewed In 2010


A Resolution Proclaiming The Month Of March As Women's History Month And March 8th As International Womens's Day


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham Increasing The User Fee For The Clean Green Facility


A Resolution Recommending Against Further Changes To Bellingham's Urban Growth Area Boundary In 2010


A Resolution Of The City Of Bellingham, Washington To Support Employee Health And Realize Benefits Cost Savings By Re-Launching A Wellness Program


A Resolution Endorsing A Whatcom County Ballot Proposition 1 To Provide Funding To Maintain Public Transit Services At Current Levels


A Resolution Fixing The Time And Date For A Public Hearing On The Proposed Street Vacation Petition For Those Portions Of Lafayette And W. Indiana Street Right-Of-Ways Abutting Blk 10, Eldridge's 2nd Addition To Bellingham And As Shown On Exhibit A.


Reorganization And Resolution Designating The City Council President To Serve As Mayor Pro Tempore In The Absence Of The Mayor And The Mayor Pro Tempore