Chapter 2.33A


Article I. General Provisions

2.33A.010    Purpose of provisions.

2.33A.020    Statutory powers and exemptions from state law.

2.33A.030    Definitions.

Article II. Administrative

2.33A.040    Property Manager.

2.33A.050    Property Management Committee.

2.33A.060    Inventory of real property.

Article III. Property Acquisition Procedures

2.33A.070    Personal property—Acquisition.

2.33A.080    Personal property—Purchase.

2.33A.090    Real estate property—Purchase—Director of Public Works authority.

2.33A.100    Real property—Lease conditions.

Article IV. Disposition of Property

2.33A.110    Disposition—Authorized when.

2.33A.120    Surplus property disposition—Board approval considerations.

2.33A.130    Notice of sale or lease.

2.33A.140    Sale or lease—Highest responsible bidder.

2.33A.150    Sale or lease—Board approval required when.

2.33A.160    Leases—Length of term and other conditions.

2.33A.170    Sales on other than cash basis.

2.33A.175    Destruction and disposition of recovered, forfeited and surplus firearms.

2.33A.180    Exempted transactions designated.

2.33A.190    Director’s authority to enter into reconstruction agreements.