Chapter 1.08DATUM PLANE


Elevation – Established.
Streets – Established.

The base of the city of Cle Elum shall be twenty feet below the United States Bench Mark at the intersection of Railroad Street with Pennsylvania Avenue.

(Ord. 47 § 1, 1904)

1.08.020Elevation – Established.

All official elevations hereafter established shall be at the property lines at an elevation above the base described in Section 1.08.010.

(Ord. 47 § 2, 1904)

1.08.030Streets – Established.

All grades shall be straight lines between official elevations. The official elevations of the streets set forth in this section shall be established as follows:

Railroad Street and Billings Avenue, 1908.48.

Railroad Street and Oaks Avenue, 1907.50.

Railroad Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, 1907.46.

Railroad Street and Harris Avenue, 1905.55.

Railroad Street and Wright Avenue, 1904.55.

Railroad Street and Bullit Avenue, 1902.67.

First Street and Billings Avenue, 1909.42.

First Street and Oaks Avenue, 1908.00.

First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, south side, 1908.32.

First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, north side, 1907.22.

First Street and Harris Avenue, 1905.95.

First Street and Wright Avenue, 1904.48.

First Street and Bullit Avenue, 1904.00.

First Street and Peoh Avenue, 1901.49.

First Street and Montgomery Avenue, 1899.65.

First Street and Teanaway Avenue, 1897.77

Second Street and Billings Avenue, 1916.83.

Second Street and Oaks Avenue, 1908.34.

Second Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, 1906.34.

Second Street and Harris Avenue, 1906.54.

Second Street and Wright Avenue, 1904.74.

Second Street and Bullit Avenue, 1903.04.

Second Street and Peoh Avenue, 1902.76.

Second Street and Montgomery Avenue, 1899.21.

Second Street and Teanaway Avenue, 1895.87.

Third Street and Billings Avenue, 1924.60.

Third Street and Oaks Avenue, 1914.80.

Third Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, 1907.38.

Third Street and Harris Avenue, 1906.47.

Third Street and Wright Avenue, 1905.22.

Third Street and Bullit Avenue, 1905.10.

Third Street and Peoh Avenue, 1903.12.

Third Street and Montgomery Avenue, 1907.13.

Third Street and Teanaway Avenue, 1899.76.