Removal of nuisance by owner.
Violation – Penalty.

Any snow, ice, slippery substance, hole, obstruction or defect in or upon any sidewalk, parking strip or curb open to the public in the city is declared to be a nuisance. It is unlawful hereafter for any owner, occupant or person, firm or corporation having charge of any premises or portion thereof abutting upon any portion of any sidewalk, parking strip and/or curb to allow such nuisance to remain in or upon such abutting portion of sidewalk, parking strip and/or curb for more than twenty-four hours continuously. It is the obligation and responsibility hereafter of any and all owners, occupants, and/or persons, firms or corporations having charge of any such abutting premises or portions thereof to keep all abutting portions of sidewalks, parking strips and curbs clear of such nuisances at all times. Any portion of sidewalks, parking strips and curbs lying between such premises and any public avenue, street or alley adjoining such premises shall for purposes of this chapter be included in the term “abutting portion.”

(Ord. 489 § 1, 1953)

12.08.020Removal of nuisance by owner.

The removal of any such nuisance or nuisances by the city or any of its agents or employees at any time or times shall not excuse the failure of any owner, occupant or person, firm or corporation, hereinabove declared responsible, to remove any such nuisance or nuisances from such places at such time or times and at any subsequent time or times.

(Ord. 489 § 2, 1953)

12.08.030Violation – Penalty.

Any person, firm or corporation who violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter for more than twenty-four consecutive hours shall upon conviction thereof be fined in any sum not to exceed one hundred dollars or imprisoned for a period of not more than thirty days or both fined and imprisoned as provided in this section. Each twenty-four-hour period during which any such nuisance is allowed or maintained in any of the places mentioned in Section 12.08.010 shall be considered a separate offense.