Water-sewer fund.
Bond redemption fund.
Charges and payments due under combined systems.

Effective January 1, 1952, the sewerage system of the city, with all additions and improvements to the system, is combined with the water system of the city, and on and after that date shall be a part of and belong to the water system. The combining of the systems is believed to be for the best interests of the city by the city council, for the reasons, among others, that it will facilitate sale of bonds for anticipated future improvements and will make more economical and practical the administration of the two systems.

(Ord. 473 § 1, 1951)

13.04.020Water-sewer fund.

A. Effective January 1, 1991, the funds presently known as the water fund and sewer fund are abolished, and in their place is established a single combined fund to be known as the water-sewer fund into which fund revenues pertaining to the city water system and the city sewer system shall be placed and from which fund expenditures relating to the city water system and city sewer system shall be made.

B. The city clerk and city treasurer are authorized and directed to transfer from the existing water fund and sewer fund into the water-sewer fund any and all remaining funds held in the water fund and the sewer fund.

(Ord. 932 §§ 3, 4, 1991: Ord. 922 §§ 3, 4, 1990: Ord. 473 § 2, 1951)

13.04.030Bond redemption fund.

The amounts necessary to pay the principal and interest of all outstanding water revenue bonds as the same shall accrue shall be paid from the water and sewer fund into the bond redemption fund.

(Ord. 473 § 3, 1951)

13.04.040Charges and payments due under combined systems.

All existing ordinances and parts of ordinances related to or pertaining to the water and sewer systems of the city are specifically continued in effect, except such sections or provisions thereof which are directly in conflict with this chapter; it being intended to retain existing rates and regulations. All methods now provided for the collection of either or both water and sewerage charges shall be applicable to collections of all charges and payments due under the combined systems.