Water capital reimbursement fees required.
Capital reimbursement charge.
Schedule of equivalent residential units.
Independent ERU calculation.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish a charge for new connections to the city water supply system that proportionately allocates the cost of water system improvements to those new customers that use the system.

(Ord. 1181 § 1, 2002)

13.14.020Water capital reimbursement fees required.

All new or increased connections to the water supply system shall be required to pay the capital reimbursement charge prior to connection to the system in addition to the connection fees established by CEMC 13.12 except for a single equivalent residential unit (ERU) connection on existing lots within the city limits which were platted before January 1, 2001. City limits shall be corporate limits of the city as of January 1, 2001. Connections on these lots that are more than one ERU are subject to the charge for all ERUs over the initial ERU.

(Ord. 1181 § 1, 2002)

13.14.030Capital reimbursement charge.

The capital reimbursement charge is established as one thousand five hundred sixty-five dollars for each equivalent residential unit. The charge shall be payable prior to building permit issuance or if no permit is required, prior to physical connection to the system.

(Ord. 1181 § 1, 2002)

13.14.040Schedule of equivalent residential units.

The number of ERUs for each connection shall be based on the following table which is based on the average water use in the city of Cle Elum and Table 5-2 of the Water System Design Manual, WA. State Dept. of Health. The minimum ERU value, for purposes of determining charges is one ERU.

Type of Use


Single-family residence



.90 per unit

Camp/RV park

.30 per site

Industrial/warehouse-Employee use

.10 per employee per shift

Factory – Process water

To be determined by engineers estimate.


.25 per room

Restaurant/drinking places

.08 per seat

Store (less than 10,000 sq. ft.)

1 per toilet room

Store (greater than 10,000 sq. ft.)

To be determined by engineers estimate

Service Station

•  No service bays

.10 per pumping station

•  With service bays

.05 add on per bay

•  With wash bays

Additional charge based on engineers estimate

Swimming pool

.04 per pool occupant based on occupancy

Movie theatre

.02 per seat


.06 per person based on building occupancy load.

All other uses

To be determined by engineers estimate

(Ord. 1181 § 1, 2002)

13.14.050Independent ERU calculation.

Where a specific use is not listed or does not clearly meet the categories provided for in Section 13.14.040 an applicant for water connection may submit an independent calculation from which an ERU rate may be calculated. The independent calculation shall be completed by an engineer licensed and registered in the State of Washington with expertise in water use. The director of public works shall review the independent calculation and approve the calculation if it is consistent with accepted engineering practices.

(Ord. 1181 § 1, 2002)


A decision of the director of public works under this ordinance may be appealed to the city council as provided for in CEMC 17.100.130.