Sources of water.
Prohibited acts.
Violation – Designated.
Violation – Arrest powers.
Violation – Penalty.
13.16.010Sources of water.

For the purpose of protecting the water supply furnished to the inhabitants of the city from pollution, and for the preservation and protection of the purity of the water supply, the city assumes jurisdiction over all the property occupied by the works, reservoirs, systems, springs, branches and pipes by means of tributaries constituting the sources of supply from which the city obtains its supply of water, and over all streams, creeks or tributaries constituting such sources of supply, whether the same or any part thereof are within the corporate limits of the city or outside thereof.

(Ord. 237 § 1, 1925)

13.16.020Prohibited acts.

The following acts shall constitute offense against the purity of the water supply: swimming, fishing, and boating in Cle Elum Lake; dumping raw sewage into any lake, river, spring, stream, creek or tributary constituting the source of supply of water of the city, or camping on the shores of the streams, lakes, etc. No dwelling shall be constructed or maintained on the watershed, unless the dwelling is provided with a sanitary toilet so designed and so kept that the contents of the toilet cannot drain on the surface of the ground or reach the water through the ground.

(Ord. 237 § 2, 1925)

13.16.030Violation – Designated.

Every person who deposits or causes to be deposited in any spring, stream, river or lake constituting the source of supply from which the city obtains its supply of water, any matter or thing whatever, dangerous or deleterious to health, or any matter or thing which may or would pollute the waters of the spring, stream, river, lake or water system, is deemed guilty of violation of this chapter.

(Ord. 237 § 3, 1925)

13.16.040Violation – Arrest powers.

The mayor of the city is authorized to appoint special policemen with such compensation as the city council may fix, who shall have powers of a constable under the laws of this state, and who may arrest with, or without, warrant, any person committing within the territory provided by this chapter, any offense declared by this chapter to be against the purity of the water supply, or any rule or regulation as provided in this chapter. Such policeman shall be and he is hereby authorized to forthwith take any such person arrested for such violation aforesaid before any court having jurisdiction thereof to be proceeded with according to law.

(Ord. 237 § 4, 1925)

13.16.050Violation – Penalty.

Any person or persons, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars, nor exceeding three hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding thirty days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.