Chapter 16.30FINAL PLATS


Application requirements.
Survey and improvement standards.
Final plat procedures.

A final plat is required for all subdivisions and short plats to finalize the land division.

(Ord. 1235 § 2 (Exh. B (part)), 2005)

16.30.020Application requirements.

A. Applications for final plat approval shall be filed with the city of Cle Elum.

B. Applications for final plats shall include the necessary fee established by the city of Cle Elum fee schedule and the following information:

1. Name of the subdivision or short plat;

2. Date;

3. Acreage;

4. Number of lots;

5. Zoning designation;

6. Name, address, phone number and signature of the applicant and/or property owner;

7. The decision document from the city on the preliminary plat or short plat.

C. A mylar, a sepia and three paper copies of the final plat map shall be provided that includes the following:

1. Subdivision name which shall not be the same as any other subdivision in the county;

2. Legend;

3. Scale, including graphic scale, north arrow and basis of bearings;

4. Location, including one-quarter section, section, township, range, and, as applicable, donation land claim and/or subdivision;

5. Boundary survey;

6. Lot, block, and street right-of-way and centerline dimensions;

7. Street names (to be approved or determined by city);

8. Areas to be dedicated;

9. Surveyor’s certificate, stamp, date and signature;

10. Signature blocks for the following: city engineer, county auditor, mayor, county assessor, county health department and city planning director;

11. Private easements;

12. Utility easements;

13. Any required notes;

14. Other information necessary to show compliance with the preliminary plat such as restrictions on access.

D. A legal description of the boundary that has been certified by the land surveyor, with seal and signature as being accurate description of the lands actually surveyed shall be provided.

E. A plat certification, including any dedications, consistent with RCW 58.17.165 shall be submitted.

F. A certificate of title shall be provided.

G. Restrictions, notes, covenants, and/or binding agreements as required by code, preliminary approval or SEPA shall be provided.

H. A treasurer’s certification shall be submitted.

(Ord. 1235 § 2 (Exh. B (part)), 2005)

16.30.030Survey and improvement standards.

A. Final plans, specifications, profiles for all required public improvements shall be provided in a manner acceptable to the public works director. Improvements shall conform to adopted city standards or other standards specified by the public works director. Plans shall be stamped and signed by a professional engineer licensed and registered in the state of Washington.

B. Survey Certificate. The survey and preparation of final plats shall be made by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor who shall certify on the final plat that it is a true and accurate representation of the lands actually surveyed. The certification shall include that all required monuments have been set and that all lot corners have been staked on the ground consistent with the final plat. All surveys shall conform to standard practices and principles of land surveying as outlined in Chapter 58.09 RCW.

(Ord. 1235 § 2 (Exh. B (part)), 2005)

16.30.040Final plat procedures.

A. Filing Period. An application for final plat containing all of the required items shall be made within five years of the date of preliminary plat approval.

B. Administrative Review. The planning director shall review the proposed final plat for conformance with the preliminary plat approval by the city council. Upon approval, the director shall then forward the plans to the city engineer for review of the final plat and public improvement plans. Upon approval of the city engineer the director may authorize construction of the required improvements prior to final plat approval. Prior to filing the final plat for council action, the planning director shall make a determination that:

1. The final plat meets all approval requirements of the preliminary plat approval, this title, and state law;

2. The proposed final plat contains all of the necessary information;

3. A title insurance report confirms that the title of the land in the proposed subdivision is vested in the name of the owners having a title interest and whose signatures appear on the plat certificate;

4. The necessary public improvements have been installed consistent with the approved engineering plans and meeting of the city requirements and/or the developer has provided any required surety in a form acceptable to the city in an amount consistent with the required improvements.

C. Bonding. All required public improvements shall be made prior to final plat approval, unless a surety in an amount acceptable to the city is made. As provided by RCW 58.17.130, necessary improvements not completed prior to council approval of the final plat shall post a bond equal to one hundred fifty percent of the estimated cost of completion as approved by the city engineer. Improvements that may be bonded are limited to sidewalks, landscaping, street lighting and final pavement lifts.

D. Council Action. The council shall review the plat within thirty days of receiving an application and determine if the conditions of the preliminary plat approval have been met and that any required bonding is adequate to assure complete of the required improvements that have not been completed and accepted by the city.

E. Certification and Recording. Upon approval, the council shall certify its acceptance by authorizing the mayor to sign the plat. The director shall have the final plat recorded with county auditor.