Permitted uses.
Displaying of merchandise prohibited.
Structure approval required.
Yards and building height.
17.50.010Permitted uses.

In the P district or public reserve area district, no building or premises shall be used and no building shall be hereafter erected or structurally altered or moved into such district unless otherwise provided in this title, except for one or more of the following uses:

A. Governmental buildings and uses, federal, state, county, municipal or other governmental subdivisions;

B. Hospitals and sanitoriums, public and private, except those for inebriates, insane persons, or mentally diseased persons, subject to regulations of the health department;

C. Institutions for education, philanthropic or eleemosynary charitable uses;

D. Libraries, art galleries and museums;

E. Parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools, and like recreational uses;

F. Schools, public and private.

(Ord. 1163 § 1 (part), 2001)

17.50.020Displaying of merchandise prohibited.

This district is reserved for public and semipublic uses. All display of merchandise or products, all advertising devices and all manufacturing is prohibited. Buildings requiring services such as food, drugs, cigars, etc., usual to a public building, office building or hotel, may contain same within the interior. Entrances from streets must not display advertising on same. Street deliveries are prohibited except for certain designated hours or buildings shall be so designed as to facilitate unloading fuel and merchandise from vehicles in an alley, or in a driveway or loading area located off the streets.

(Ord. 1163 § 1 (part), 2001)

17.50.030Structure approval required.

All structures contemplated for this district must first have plans, specifications and uses approved by the city council, and no such structure shall be built, altered or moved into such district unless a permit therefor has first been obtained from the city council. Such plans, specifications and uses may be permanently filed in the office of the city clerk.

(Ord. 1163 § 1 (part), 2001)

17.50.040Yards and building height.

Front yards, side yards and rear yards shall all have a minimum depth of fifteen feet. The building height limit shall be thirty-five feet.