Sidewalk displays and advertising.
Permits and requirements.
17.90.010Sidewalk displays and advertising.

Merchants and business people may, temporarily, subject to the provisions of this title, display wares and merchandise and place advertising signs and – advertising objects on sidewalks and parking strip areas abutting their own business premises within commercial, business park or industrial areas zoned as such in the city. Such acts shall not be considered nuisances under Chapters 8.12 and 12.08 and any other existing city ordinances if a permit is obtained and all other requirements of this title are met.

(Ord. 1163 § 1 (part), 2001)

17.90.020Permits and requirements.

Such displays and advertising on sidewalks or parking strips shall be unlawful, and a nuisance, unless:

A. A permit therefor is obtained from the city under such terms for the public safety and convenience as the city council shall prescribe;

B. There is left a free, unobstructed and adequate area for passage of the public that is a minimum of six feet-wide;

C. The abutter makes adequate provision for safe-guarding the public against injury to person and damage to property;

D. The abutter agrees in writing to indemnify and save the city harmless from all claims, suits and liabilities arising in any way out of such use of the sidewalks and/or parking strips;

E. No permit shall be approved for more than seven days in any one year period. The abutter keeps in full force and effect and leaves on deposit with the city clerk at all times while the city permit is in effect a liability insurance policy as described. The policy shall be in a reputable insurance company acceptable to the city. It shall provide not less than twenty-five thousand dollars per person and fifty thousand dollars per occurrence personal injury coverage, and not less than one thousand dollars per occurrence property damage coverage, and shall specifically under its terms afford such liability protection to the city as well as the abutter.