Office created.
Appointment – Compensation.
General duties and responsibilities.
Department head, employee authority.
2.07.010Office created.

There is created the appointive office of city administrator, who shall serve as the chief administrative officer of the city under the direction and authority of the mayor and city council.

(Ord. 1192, 2003)

2.07.020Appointment – Compensation.

The office of city administrator shall be filled by the appointment of the mayor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the city council, to serve at the pleasure of the mayor. The city administrator shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by a contractual agreement entered into by the mayor and city administrator upon approval of a majority of the city council, said salary to be set in accordance with the adopted city budget and personnel and other applicable policies adopted by the city.

(Ord. 1192, 2003)

2.07.030General duties and responsibilities.

The city administrator shall act as the chief administrative office and head of the administrative branch of the city government, being responsible to the mayor and council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city, including without limit those duties and responsibilities as may appear in an adopted job description of said administrative office; and to perform those other duties and responsibilities as the mayor or city council may from time to time direct, or as the ordinances and resolutions of the city require.

(Ord. 1192, 2003)

2.07.040Department head, employee authority.

The city administrator is the immediate supervisor to all city administrative department heads. The city administrator may appoint or remove administrative department heads, officers (except members of the city council) and employees of the city subject to the mayor’s concurrence and further subject to the provisions of any applicable ordinances and laws, collective bargaining agreement, and rules and regulations related to civil service.

(Ord. 1192, 2003)


The city administrator shall have executive and administrative experience, education, and training that provides the level of knowledge and ability required for the position. In order to be personally familiar with the affairs of the community, the city administrator shall reside within the boundaries of the Cle Elum-Roslyn School District. A majority of the city council may, in its discretion, waive this requirement for good cause shown.