Regulations governing use.
Smoking prohibited where gas or oil are stored.
Smoking prohibited to all.
Penalty for violation.

This chapter is passed to protect and regulate the use of the city hall and Fire Station No. 1 and to insure their availability for city governmental functions.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1950)

2.18.020Regulations governing use.

No person shall use or loiter in the city hall and Fire Station No. 1 of the city, located on Lots Nine and Ten in Block Thirteen of the original city, or any part of the buildings located on said lots or use any part of said premises for recreational purposes or for purpose of holding any meeting or conducting any business therein, unless he has first obtained the permission of the city council. Such permission shall be evidenced by a written permit signed by the city clerk, which permit shall set forth the following information: the purpose of the use, the name of the user, the part of the building to be used and the specific time therefor. A signed written application shall first be submitted to the city council by the applicant setting forth said information, and if the council approves the application it shall direct the city clerk to issue the permit in writing, which permit must at all times be carried upon the person of the permit user during the period of use, and shall be exhibited to any officer, official or employee of the city upon demand.

(Ord. 451 § 2 (part), 1950)

2.18.030Smoking prohibited where gas or oil are stored.

Smoking is prohibited in the councilroom and library and in any room in the above described premises wherein any fire truck, automobile, tractor, truck, gasoline or oil is kept or stored.

(Ord. 451 § 2 (part), 1950)

2.18.040Smoking prohibited to all.

Notwithstanding Section 2.18.050, the prohibition against smoking contained in Section 2.18.030 shall apply to all persons, without exception. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this chapter, smoking is permitted in the councilroom of the city hall.

(Ord. 475 § 1, 1951; Ord. 453 § 1, 1950: Ord. 451 § 6, 1950)


This chapter shall not apply to the mayor, councilmen, clerk, treasurer, attorney, librarian, police judge, fire chief, health officer, policemen, or street and water commissioner of the city, while engaged in city business; nor to any employee of the city while so engaged and acting under the direction of any of the above named persons; nor to any member of the fire department while engaged in the necessary business of the fire department; nor to users of the city library during library hours; nor to persons having business with the police or the city clerk in their respective offices; nor to persons attending meetings of the city council or its committees.

(Ord. 451 § 3, 1950)

2.18.060Penalty for violation.

Any person, firm or corporation who violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not to exceed one hundred dollars or imprisoned in the city jail for a period of not more than thirty days or both fined and imprisoned as provided in this section. Each violation shall be considered as a separate offense.