Time limitation.

There is created a special fund entitled “antirecession fiscal assistance fund” into which shall be paid all federal funds received under Title II of the Public Works Employment Act of 1976 and any amendments thereto.

(Ord. 720 § 1, 1977)


This fund is established to account for all federal funds received under the abovesaid act, in accordance with federal regulations and regulations imposed by the state pertaining thereto. The receipt of Title II money will be entered in Account No. 332.98 and must be expended from the fund into which it was originally received. The only transfers allowed are to the payroll fund and the claims fund.

(Ord. 720 § 2, 1977)


Expenditures from this fund shall be used to maintain basic services which have been provided to residents by the city. Payments shall be used for the maintenance of levels of public employment and of basic services within the following governmental expenditure categories: education, highways, public welfare, health and hospitals, police and corrections, fire protection, sewerage and sanitation, natural resources, housing and urban renewal, transportation, libraries, financial administration, general administration, general public buildings, interest on general debt and parks and recreation. Payments may not be used to initiate basic services not previously provided during the immediately preceding two fiscal years of the city. Said funds may be used for the acquisition of supplies and materials only to the extent that such expenditures are incidental and necessary to the continued rendition of a basic service. Any expenditures for construction shall be limited to structural repairs or renovations and shall be permissible only when necessary for the maintenance of a basic service. Any interest earned on the investment of Title II funds shall be used for the same purpose as Title II funds.

(Ord. 720 § 3, 1977)

3.36.040Time limitation.

The abovesaid Title II funds must be appropriated or obligated within six months of receipt thereof by the city.