Created – Sources.
Type of expenditures.
Method of expenditures.
Prohibited use.
Time limitation.
3.48.010Created – Sources.

There is created a separate, special fund entitled “federal shared revenue fund” into which shall be paid all federal shared revenues received under Title I of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972, and any amendments thereto.

(Ord. 666 § 1, 1972)


This fund is established to account for all entitlements (federal shared revenues) received under the act, in accordance with federal regulations and state regulations pertaining thereto. At its inception, pending further regulations, the fund shall be identified by fund code 199, all receipts shall be credited to Revenue Account 332.99 “Federal Entitlements – Federal Shared Revenue,” and all expenditures shall be classified in the 500 series of accounts as prescribed in the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting (BARS) Manual.

(Ord. 666 § 2, 1972)

3.48.030Type of expenditures.

Expenditures from this fund shall be made only for expenditures of a priority nature as now and hereafter defined in the federal act, presently defined as:

A. Ordinary and necessary maintenance and operating expenses for:

1. Public safety (including law enforcement, fire protection and building code enforcement),

2. Environmental protection (including sewage disposal, sanitation, and pollution abatement),

3. Public transportation (including transit systems and streets and roads),

4. Health,

5. Recreation,

6. Libraries,

7. Social services for the poor or aged,

8. Financial administration; and

B. Ordinary and necessary capital expenditures authorized by law.

(Ord. 666 § 3, 1972)

3.48.040Method of expenditures.

Expenditures from this fund shall be made only by ordinance appropriating a specific amount of money within the fund for a designated purpose and authorizing the transfer of that amount of money to another specified city fund for appropriation therein and expenditure therefrom. Appropriations must be provided for the expenditure of these funds in the same manner as for the expenditure of funds from other sources.

(Ord. 666 § 4, 1972)

3.48.050Prohibited use.

The shared revenue moneys shall not be employed for matching purposes in connection with the securing of other federal money.

(Ord. 666 § 5, 1972)

3.48.060Time limitation.

These moneys must be expended within twenty-four months from the date of each check unless permission for an extension of time is approved by the U.S. Treasury Department.