Fund created – Sources – Purpose – Uses.
3.94.010Fund created – Sources – Purpose – Uses.

A. Sources. There is created a fund to be known as the “Water/Sewer Reserve Fund” into which shall be paid a monthly charge of five dollars and fifty-six cents for every water utility account, paid in addition to the rates and charges identified in Section 13.12.100 of the Cle Elum Municipal Code, and a sewer reserve charge in an amount identified in subsection F of Section 13.08.370 of the Cle Elum Municipal Code.

B. Purposes. This fund is established to account for funds which are intended to be used for water/sewer improvements.

C. Uses. Expenditures from this fund shall be used solely for improvements to the water/sewer system of the city.

D. Said enterprise fund shall be classified as 406 in the city of Cle Elum’s governmental accounting system.