Chapter 2.10


2.10.010    Office of city manager established – Appointment.

2.10.020    Duties of city manager.

2.10.030    City organization.

2.10.040    Appointment as auditing officer.

2.10.010 Office of city manager established – Appointment.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.13.010 and 35A.13.090, there is hereby established for the City of Kenmore the office of city manager. Such office shall be appointive and all appointments to such office shall be made by the city council. [Ord. 98-0011 § 1.]

2.10.020 Duties of city manager.

The city manager shall be the chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of the City. The city manager shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of all affairs of the City. The city manager shall have all of the powers and shall perform each and all of the duties specified by Chapter 35A.13 RCW, together with any other duties or authority which may be conferred upon such office by the city council or by the laws of the State of Washington or the ordinances of the City as they now exist or may hereafter be amended. [Ord. 98-0011 § 2.]

2.10.030 City organization.

The city manager is authorized to create, eliminate, consolidate and modify such departments, offices, and employments as from time to time he or she may find necessary or advisable for the efficient operations of the City and may determine the powers and duties of each department or office. The city manager may delegate to such officer any duties required or authorized to be performed by the city manager. [Ord. 98-0011 § 3.]

2.10.040 Appointment as auditing officer.

The city council hereby appoints the city manager as auditing officer. [Ord. 98-0029 § 1.]