Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Created – Appointment.

2.40.020    Membership – Term –Qualifications.

2.40.030    Duties – Process.

2.40.040    Vacancies.

2.40.050    Removal.

2.40.010 Created – Appointment.

There is created a salary commission for the City, consisting of three voting members who shall be appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. [Ord. 10-0306 § 1.]

2.40.020 Membership – Term –Qualifications.

A. The term of a salary commission member shall be for one salary review, as provided in KMC 2.40.030. The term shall commence upon city council confirmation and shall terminate upon filing of the statement of salaries with the city clerk, as provided in KMC 2.40.030. A member shall serve without compensation.

B. For each salary review, conducted once every five years as provided in KMC 2.40.030, the mayor shall appoint and the city council shall approve a salary commission.

C. No member of the salary commission shall be appointed to more than two terms.

D. A member of the salary commission shall not be an officer, official or employee of the City or an immediate family member of an officer, official or employee of the City. For purposes of this section, “immediate family member” means the parents, spouse, siblings, children, or dependent relatives of an officer, official, or employee of the City, whether or not living in the household of the officer, official, or employee. [Ord. 10-0306 § 1.]

2.40.030 Duties – Process.

A. Every five years, commencing in 2010, the salary commission shall review and determine the salaries paid by the City to the mayor and city council. The salary commission shall convene and determine the salaries paid to the mayor and the city council within 45 days of confirmation by the city council. The 45-day review and determination time may be extended upon request of the salary commission and approval by the city council.

B. All meetings of the salary commission shall be conducted pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised 10th Edition. The meetings shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act and shall be open to the public. The meetings shall be held in the same location as city council regular meetings. The salary commission shall provide an opportunity for citizens of the City to comment on the salaries of the mayor and city council prior to taking a final vote on such salaries.

C. After determining the salaries of the mayor and the city council, the salary commission shall file a statement of the salaries with the city clerk. A salary increase shall be effective on the next payday for City employees. A salary decrease shall be effective at the commencement of the next subsequent term of office.

D. Any increase or decrease in salary shall become effective without further action of the city council, and shall supersede any salary set forth in a City ordinance related to the budget or the salaries of the mayor and city council members. [Ord. 10-0306 § 1.]

2.40.040 Vacancies.

In the event of a vacancy in the office of salary commissioner, the mayor shall appoint, subject to approval of the city council, a person to serve the unexpired portion of the term. [Ord. 10-0306 § 1.]

2.40.050 Removal.

The city council may remove a member of the salary commission from office for cause of incapacity, incompetence, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office. [Ord. 10-0306 § 1.]