Chapter 18.23


18.23.010    Intent.

18.23.020    Community business zone – Use allowances.

18.23.030    Accessory uses.

18.23.040    Zoning standards.

18.23.045    Drive-through service.

18.23.048    Outdoor storage.

18.23.050    Wireless communication facilities.

18.23.010 Intent.

A. The purpose of the community business zone (CB) is to provide pedestrian-friendly, mixed use development that both supports larger mixed use and commercial areas with its residential development, and provides small-scale retail, office and personal services for the local community. The CB zone also provides retail and personal services in locations that are not appropriate for extensive outdoor storage or auto-related uses. These purposes are accomplished by:

1. Providing for limited small-scale offices as well as a wide range of the small-scale retail, professional, governmental and personal services that are found in neighborhood business areas;

2. Encouraging mixed use (housing and retail/service) developments; and

3. Excluding commercial uses with extensive outdoor storage or auto-related uses.

B. Use of this zone is appropriate in areas that are designated by the comprehensive plan that are served at the time of development by adequate public sewers, water supply, streets and other needed public facilities and services. [Ord. 11-0329 § 3 (Exh. 1).]

18.23.020 Community business zone – Use allowances.

The following uses listed in Table A are identified as permitted, conditionally permitted, or prohibited uses in the community business zone:

Table A. Community Business Zone Use Allowances 




Arts, entertainment, indoor1

Ambulatory surgery center

Adult entertainment business

Business service, standard


Air transportation service

Day care

Community residential facility

Animal kennel/shelter

Eating and drinking place2

Fire or police facility

Arts, entertainment, outdoor

Educational service3


Auction house

Family child-care home4

Recreational facility, indoor

Automotive sales and service, marine

Health care and social assistance5

Regional land use

Automotive sales and service, non-marine

Multiple-family dwelling

Religious institution

Business service, intensive


Supportive living facility

Cemetery, columbarium, or mausoleum



Construction and trade

Personal service2


Funeral home/crematory

Retail sales2,6



Single detached dwelling unit, existing legal7


Manufacturing, heavy

Standalone parking10


Manufacturing, light

Temporary lodging8


Marijuana business

Utility facility9


Marijuana cooperative



Mobile food service



Mobile home park



Recreational facility, outdoor



Resource land use



Retail sales, bulk



Secure facility






Vehicle or equipment rental



Vehicle refueling station






Wholesale trade

1. Artist studios permitted. All other indoor arts, entertainment uses require a conditional use permit, except theaters which are prohibited.

2. Permitted only as part of a mixed use development and must occupy 50 percent of the ground floor at street frontage. Each use is limited to maximum 5,000 square feet per use and 15,000 square feet total contiguous.

3. Arts and craft schools are a permitted use; all other educational service uses require a conditional use permit.

4. A family child-care home is permitted in an existing legal single detached dwelling unit subject to the requirements established by the Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL) in WAC Title 170. The family child-care home shall meet the following requirements:

a. The family child-care provider shall be licensed by DEL to operate a family child-care home;

b. A safe passenger loading area shall be provided;

c. The family child-care home shall comply with all applicable building, fire, safety, and health codes enforced by the City;

d. The family child-care home shall comply with all applicable development standards of the City, unless determined to be legally nonconforming;

e. All signage shall conform to the applicable requirements of Chapter 18.42 KMC; and

f. The City has the authority to limit the hours of operation to facilitate neighborhood compatibility.

5. Social assistance uses and veterinary offices/clinics are conditionally permitted.

6. Outdoor retail display/sidewalk sales and auto supply stores are prohibited.

7. Other single detached dwelling units are prohibited.

8. Bed and breakfast guesthouse only. Hotels and motels are prohibited.

9. Private stormwater management facility is a permitted use. Sewer lift stations and pipes/electrical wires and associated structure supports may be conditionally permitted. All other utility facility uses are prohibited.

10. Limited to commuter parking lots for users of transit, carpools or ride-share programs, provided the facilities are located on existing parking lots for religious institutions, schools, or other permitted nonresidential uses which have excess capacity available during commuting hours. All other standalone parking uses require a conditional use permit.

[Ord. 17-0438 § 2 (Att. A); Ord. 16-0426 § 5 (Att. C); Ord. 16-0421 § 2 (Att. A); Ord. 14-0384 § 5; Ord. 11-0329 § 3 (Exh. 1).]

18.23.030 Accessory uses.

Accessory uses, when consistent with the definition in Chapter 18.20 KMC, are allowed as determined by the city manager. [Ord. 17-0438 § 2 (Att. A); Ord. 11-0329 § 3 (Exh. 1).]

18.23.040 Zoning standards.

The following zone-specific development standards in Table B apply in the community business zone:

Table B 



Base Density: Dwelling Units/Gross Acre


Minimum Density: Dwelling Units/Gross Acre


Maximum Density: Dwelling Units/Gross Acre

36 for mixed use development.

Minimum Street Setback1

10 feet; or

0 feet for a mixed use building with commercial on the ground floor or for any building with structured parking.

Minimum Interior Setback1

0 feet for commercial or mixed use development except for interior lot lines adjoining property zoned R-1 to R-6.

5 feet landscaped setback for residential except for interior lot lines adjoining property zoned R-1 to R-6. Native vegetation is encouraged.

For all interior lot lines adjoining a property zoned R-1 to R-6 a 15-foot landscaped setback of native vegetation is required.

Base Height2

35 feet.

Maximum Impervious Surface: Percentage


Pedestrian Connections

Pedestrian connections are required to be provided in accordance with Chapter 18.52 KMC, Downtown Design Standards.

1 Any portion of development that occurs underground is exempt from property line setback requirements of this code section.

2 The exceptions to height limits listed in KMC 18.30.060 do not apply to the base height allowed in the CB zone. Any development utilizing the exception to height limits for the CB zone between 61st Avenue NE and 65th Avenue NE shall dedicate 25 percent of the average lot width above 35 feet in height as a view corridor to Lake Washington.

Exceptions to height limitations for the base height in the CB zone shall be:

a. Roof structures housing or screening elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans or similar equipment required for building operations and maintenance may extend up to 10 feet above the 35-foot base height for a maximum of 25 percent of the average lot width.

b. Fire or parapet walls, skylights, flagpoles, chimneys, smokestacks, church steeples, crosses, spires, utility line towers and poles, and similar structures may extend up to three feet above the maximum base height of 35 feet.

c. Roof details or features that are used to comply with the roof form requirements of KMC 18.52.220 may extend a maximum of 10 feet above the 35-foot base height.

[Ord. 16-0428 § 13 (Att. I); Ord. 16-0426 § 7 (Att. E); Ord. 11-0329 § 3 (Exh. 1).]

18.23.045 Drive-through service.

Drive-through service is prohibited in this zoning district. [Ord. 17-0438 § 3 (Att. B).]

18.23.048 Outdoor storage.

Outdoor storage is prohibited in this zoning district. [Ord. 17-0438 § 3 (Att. B).]

18.23.050 Wireless communication facilities.

Use allowances and development regulations for wireless communication facilities are located in Chapter 18.60 KMC. [Ord. 16-0426 § 6 (Att. D).]