Chapter 2.50


2.50.010    Definition.

2.50.020    Acceptance of donations.

2.50.030    Acknowledgment of donations.

2.50.040    Policies and procedures.

2.50.010 Definition.

As used in this chapter, the term “donation” refers to any money or property, real or personal, donated, devised or bequeathed, with or without restriction, to the city of Mercer Island. (Ord. 17C-07 § 1).

2.50.020 Acceptance of donations.

A. Monetary Donations. The city manager is authorized to accept monetary donations in any amount to the city. If a monetary donation is conditioned on how the monies can be spent, the city manager is authorized to accept the donation for a city-budgeted expenditure. City council approval shall be required for any monetary donation made with specific terms or conditions outside of a city-budgeted expenditure. The city manager may, at his or her discretion, request city council approval prior to acceptance of any monetary donation.

B. Nonmonetary Donations. The city manager is authorized to determine the appropriateness, usefulness and value to the city of all nonmonetary donations with a fair market value of up to $10,000 or of any nonmonetary donations that can and will be promptly sold by the city resulting in cash proceeds to the city that will be used for a city-budgeted expenditure, and the city manager shall notify the city council of his or her decision regarding the disposition of such donation. City council approval shall be required for the appropriation, retention, improvement, return to donor, transfer, trade, sale, donation to other agency, or other disposition of all other nonmonetary donations.

C. Nonacceptance of Donation. The city manager shall decline to accept a donation if such donation is not consistent with the policies, plans, goals or ordinances of the city of Mercer Island, if acceptance of same is contrary to law, or if the city council decides not to accept a donation. (Ord. 17C-07 § 1).

2.50.030 Acknowledgment of donations.

The city manager shall, for each donation, communicate an acknowledgment of acceptance on behalf of the city and express appropriate appreciation therefor. (Ord. 17C-07 § 1).

2.50.040 Policies and procedures.

The city manager may promulgate appropriate policies and procedures, with the recommendation of the various city departments, to encourage and facilitate the making of donations to the city. (Ord. 17C-07 § 1).