I. City Officers

Chapter 3.02


3.02.010    Powers and duties.

3.02.020    Office full-time job – Oath.

3.02.030    Provision for professional services.

3.02.010 Powers and duties.

The powers and duties of the city manager, appointed by the city council during the period that the council-manager plan of government is in effect in the city, shall be coextensive with those powers and duties prescribed by RCW 35A.13.080 and other laws of the state and ordinances of the city now in force or as hereafter amended. (Added during 1980 codification).

3.02.020 Office full-time job – Oath.

Unless express authority to the contrary is hereafter granted by resolution of the city council, the city manager shall devote his/her full-time to the affairs of the city, and before undertaking the duties of his/her office the city manager shall take an official oath or affirmation in support of the government of the United States, the laws of the state, the ordinances of the city and the faithful performance of his/her duties. (Ord. A-102 § 2, 1991; added during 1980 codification).

3.02.030 Provision for professional services.

The city manager shall be empowered to make by any reasonable contractual arrangement for professional services such as casualty and liability insurance for the city, actuarial appraisement of properties, and similar professional services as may from time to time be required. Such provision may be by appointment on a full-time or part-time basis, or by any reasonable contractual arrangement for such professional services. (Ord. A-102 § 2, 1991; added during 1980 codification).