Chapter 3.34


3.34.010    Established.

3.34.020    Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

3.34.030    Membership – Terms.

3.34.040    Membership – Qualifications and compensation.

3.34.010 Established.

There is established a design commission as provided for below and which shall have the further powers, duties and functions as provided in MICC 19.15.040. (Ord. 03C-06 § 3; Ord. A-88 § 2, 1991; added during 1980 codification).

3.34.020 Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

As provided and further elaborated in MICC 19.15.040, no building permit or other required permit shall be issued by the city for any regulated improvement without prior approval of the design commission, and no significant changes shall be made in or to an architectural feature of any regulated improvement without the prior approval of the design commission. (Ord. 03C-06 § 3).

3.34.030 Membership – Terms.

The design commission shall consist of seven members, appointed by the mayor and subject to confirmation of the city council. The appointment of members of the design commission shall be for a term of four years. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. The terms shall expire on May 31 of the last year of the term. The year of expiration of the terms of the positions shall be staggered with the following groups of positions expiring two years apart: Positions 1 and 2, and Positions 3 and 4, Positions 5 and 6, and Position 7. A person appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. Design commission members shall serve without compensation. The mayor, with concurrence of a majority of the council, shall have the authority to remove any member without cause. (Ord. 03C-06 § 3).

3.34.040 Membership – Qualifications and compensation.

A. Specialists. In order to achieve broad-based representation, there shall be appointed at least one member from each of the following specialties: architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and civil engineering. In order to qualify for appointment it shall be demonstrated that the individual’s primary work-related experience has been in the particular field for which he/she is appointed. If no certified specialists seek or are available for appointment, the mayor shall seek to appoint persons who are knowledgeable in matters of design and aesthetic judgment by virtue of training, education, and/or experience and who possess qualities of impartiality and broad judgment.

B. Lay Members. In addition to the members representing the specialties identified above, there shall be at least two lay members. One of the lay members must have a connection to the city’s business community, either by owning or managing property or a business in the city’s business or commercial districts, or by working in said districts, or otherwise.

C. Residency. A majority of the design commission shall be residents of Mercer Island. (Ord. 03C-06 § 3).