Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    Established.

3.36.020    Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

3.36.030    Membership.

3.36.010 Established.

There is established a disability board pursuant to the authority of Chapter 41.26 RCW. (Added during 1980 codification).

3.36.020 Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

The disability board established by this chapter shall perform all functions, exercise all powers, and make all such determinations as specified in Chapter 41.26 RCW; provided, that jurisdiction of the board shall extend only to members of the law enforcement officers and firefighters’ retirement system. The board is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations to aid the administration of matters presented to the board. Such rules and regulations shall be reduced to writing and a copy thereof shall be filed with the city clerk for examination by the public. (Added during 1980 codification).

3.36.030 Membership.

Disability board members are to be appointed or elected as provided by RCW 41.26.110 and as provided by this chapter with two-year terms which shall expire on May 31 of the last year of the term. The board shall consist of five voting members as follows:

A. Two members from the city council to be appointed by the mayor, subject to approval by the city council;

B. One firefighter who is a member of LEOFF I, to be elected by the LEOFF I firefighters employed by the city;

C. One law enforcement officer, who is a member of LEOFF I, to be elected by the LEOFF I law enforcement officers employed by the city;

D. One member from the public at large who resides within the city to be appointed by the other four members heretofore designated in this section;

E. In addition to the voting members, the city manager may serve, or he may appoint an employee or employees of the city to serve, as an ex officio member or members without authority to vote. The ex officio member shall serve at the will of the city manager. (Ord. 03C-06 § 5; Ord. A-88 § 3, 1990; added during 1980 codification).


Prior legislation: Ord. 321.