Chapter 3.42


3.42.010    Established.

3.42.020    Purpose – Function.

3.42.030    Membership.

3.42.040    Qualifications.

3.42.050    Operation.

3.42.060    Responsibilities.

3.42.070    Effective date – Salaries.

3.42.010 Established.

There is created and established an independent salary commission. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.020 Purpose – Function.

The independent salary commission shall review and establish the salaries of the mayor and the council members and exercise the powers and perform the duties established by RCW 35.21.015, as now existing or hereafter amended. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.030 Membership.

A. The independent salary commission shall consist of five members appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council.

B. The independent salary commission shall serve without compensation.

C. Each member of the independent salary commission shall serve a term of one year commencing upon appointment and terminating 12 months thereafter.

D. If, for any reason, a vacancy occurs during the term of an independent salary commission member, the mayor shall appoint, with the approval of the city council, a new member to fill the unexpired term of that member. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.040 Qualifications.

A. No person shall be appointed to serve as a member of the independent salary commission unless that person is a citizen of the United States, a resident of the city for at least one year immediately preceding such appointment, and an elector of the county in which the member resides.

B. No city officer, official, or employee of the city or any of their immediate family members may serve on the commission. “Immediate family member” as used in this section means the parents, spouse, siblings, children, or dependent relatives of the officer, official, or employee, whether or not living in the household of the officer, official, or employee. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.050 Operation.

A. The city manager will appoint appropriate staff to assist the independent salary commission.

B. The independent salary commission shall keep a written record of its proceedings, which shall be a public record all in accordance with state law, and shall actively solicit public comment at all meetings which shall be subject to the Open Public Meetings Act pursuant to Chapter 42.30 RCW.

C. The independent salary commission shall meet as often as necessary in 2004 in order to file a schedule with the city clerk on or before October 1, 2004. Once a schedule has been filed, the commission will not meet until the city council reconvenes a new salary commission for purposes of further studying city council compensation.

D. Three members shall constitute a quorum and the votes of three members shall be sufficient for the decision of all matters and the transaction of all business to be decided or transacted by the independent salary commission. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.060 Responsibilities.

The independent salary commission shall have the following responsibilities:

A. To study the relationship of salaries to the duties of the mayor and the city council members and to study the costs personally incurred by council members in performing such duties;

B. To study the relationship of Mercer Island city council members’ salaries and benefits to those salaries and benefits of council members in surrounding city jurisdictions and other current market conditions;

C. To establish salary and benefits by either increasing or decreasing the existing salary and benefits for each position by an affirmative vote of not less than three members;

D. To review and file a salary and compensation schedule with the city clerk not later than October 1, 2004, and if a salary commission is reconvened thereafter, by October 1 in any subsequent year. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).

3.42.070 Effective date – Salaries.

The city clerk will publish the commission’s salary and compensation schedule and the schedule will become effective in the amounts, at the times, and under the conditions established in the schedule 30 days after publication, subject to referendum petition filed consistent with Chapter 2.24 MICC. Once filed, the schedule shall be incorporated into the city budget without further action of the city council or salary commission. Consistent with state law, salary increases established by the commission shall be effective as to the mayor and all city council members regardless of their terms of office. Salary decreases established by the commission shall become effective as to incumbents at the commencement of their next subsequent terms of office. Existing salaries for the mayor and council members established by city ordinance and/or city budget shall remain in effect unless and until changed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. The terms and conditions of the commission’s adopted salary schedule will remain in effect until amended under the terms and conditions of a new salary schedule filed in accordance with this chapter. (Ord. 04C-09 § 2).