Chapter 3.52


3.52.010    Established.

3.52.020    Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

3.52.030    Membership – Term.

3.52.040    Meetings – Organization.

3.52.010 Established.

There is established an advisory citizens committee to be known as the “utility board.” (Ord. 96C-010 § 5).

3.52.020 Purpose – Function and jurisdiction.

A. The purpose of the board shall be to advise the city council on issues related to utilities. These issues might include such items as proposed modifications to utility rate structures and policy issues regarding storm drainage. In January of each year the board shall present to the city council, for approval, a proposed program of work to be accomplished by the board in the upcoming year.

B. The board shall have such further duties as may from time to time be assigned to it by the city council. (Ord. 96C-010 § 5).

3.52.030 Membership – Term.

A. The utility board shall consist of seven voting members, each of whom shall be appointed by the mayor subject to the confirmation of the city council. In addition to the voting members, the city manager may serve, or he may appoint an employee or employees of the city to serve, as an ex officio member without authority to vote. The mayor shall designate one or more city council members to act as liaison between the city council and the utility board.

B. The term of each voting member, unless terminated earlier by the appointing authority, shall be four years, and shall expire on May 31 of the last year of the term or until the member’s successor is appointed and qualified. The year of expiration of the terms of the positions shall be staggered with the following groups of positions expiring in successive years: Positions 1 and 2; Positions 3, 4, and 5; Positions 6 and 7. The ex officio member shall serve at the will of the city manager. Vacancies occurring in any position on the board shall be filled by appointment by the mayor with confirmation by the city council for the unexpired term. (Ord. 03C-06 § 7; Ord. 96C-010 § 5).

3.52.040 Meetings – Organization.

The utility board shall determine the time and place of its meetings and other rules and regulations, which rules shall be reduced to writing and a copy filed with the city clerk. (Ord. 96C-010 § 5).


Prior legislation: Res. 695 and Ord. A-88.