III. City Employees

Chapter 3.56


3.56.010    Required.

3.56.020    Renewals.

3.56.030    Persons holding two or more offices.

3.56.040    Procurement and payment by city.

3.56.010 Required.

The following officers and employees of the city shall execute an official bond, with sufficient sureties, conditioned upon the faithful performance of their duties, in the amount of $10,000 each:

A. City manager;

B. Clerk-treasurer;

C. Deputy clerks;

D. City attorney;

E. Assistant city attorneys, except those temporarily acting in special capacity;

F. Chief of police;

G. Police judge. (Ord. 31 § 1, 1961; Ord. 8 § 1, 1960).

3.56.020 Renewals.

Each officer and employee shall execute renewals of such bond from time to time as required to keep the same in force at all times during his period of service. (Ord. 8 § 2, 1960).

3.56.030 Persons holding two or more offices.

Any one person holding two or more offices mentioned in MICC 3.56.010 shall be required to execute only one bond in the single sum mentioned in MICC 3.56.010. (Ord. 8 § 3, 1960).

3.56.040 Procurement and payment by city.

One bond covering all such employees and officers, each in such amount, shall suffice, and such bond shall be procured and paid for by the city from its general fund. (Ord. 8 § 4, 1960).