Chapter 4.18


4.18.010    City auditing officer.

4.18.020    Payment orders – Signatures.

4.18.030    Preparation of voucher list.

4.18.040    Payment of claims, demands and vouchers.

4.18.010 City auditing officer.

The finance director or his/her designee shall serve as the city auditing officer and shall act as auditor for the city for all claims, demands and vouchers presented to the city council for approval. (Ord. 95C-121 § 1).

4.18.020 Payment orders – Signatures.

All checks, drafts, warrants or other payment orders drawn by the city in favor of any payee shall bear the signature of the city manager and the director of finance. (Ord. 95C-121 § 1).

4.18.030 Preparation of voucher list.

A report listing all claims, demands and vouchers shall be prepared for audit and payment and shall provide for the authentication and certification by the auditing officer that the materials have been furnished, the services rendered or the labor performed as described, and the claim, demand or voucher is a just, true and unpaid obligation against the city. (Ord. 95C-121 § 1).

4.18.040 Payment of claims, demands and vouchers.

In order to expedite the payment of claims, the city council authorizes the issuance of warrants or checks in payment of claims after the auditing officer has reviewed and approved the claim, demand or voucher, but prior to approval by the city council.

No claim, demand or voucher may be paid until approved by the city council unless the following conditions are met:

A. The auditing officer and the officer designated to sign the checks or warrants shall each be required to furnish an official bond for the faithful discharge of his or her duties in an amount determined by the legislative body, but not less than $50,000;

B. The city council shall adopt contracting, hiring, purchasing, and disbursing policies that implement effective internal control;

C. The city council shall provide for its review of the documentation supporting claims paid and for its approval of all checks or warrants issued in payment of claims at its next regularly scheduled public meeting or at a regularly scheduled public meeting within one month of issuance; and

D. The city council shall require that if, upon review, it disapproves some claims, the auditing officer and the officer designated to sign the checks or warrants shall jointly cause the disapproved claims to be recognized as receivable of the taxing district and to pursue collection diligently until the amounts disapproved are collected or until the city council is satisfied and approves the claims.

Notwithstanding the fact that all of the above conditions are met, the city council may stipulate that certain kinds or amounts of claims, demands, or vouchers shall not be paid before the city council has reviewed the supporting documentation and approved the issue of checks or warrants in payment of those claims, demands or vouchers. (Ord. 95C-121 § 1).


Prior legislation: Ord. 495.