Chapter 10.02


10.02.010    Short title.

10.02.020    Purpose and policy.

10.02.030    Adoption by reference – MTO.

10.02.040    Title, chapter and section headings not part of law.

10.02.050    Traffic misdemeanor exceptions – Penalties.

10.02.060    Repealed.

10.02.070    Miscellaneous statutes adopted by reference.

10.02.010 Short title.

This title may be known and cited as the “Mercer Island traffic code.” (Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.020 Purpose and policy.

It is declared to be the purpose and public policy of the city to cooperate with state authorities in every way that is reasonably possible in the enforcement of the Washington Motor Vehicle Act, and all other laws and regulations of the state relating to the equipment and operation of vehicles on the public highways of the city, and this title is enacted in furtherance of that purpose, and in the exercise of the police power of the city to protect and preserve the public peace, health, safety and economic welfare, and all of its provisions shall be liberally construed for the accomplishment of these purposes. (Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.030 Adoption by reference – MTO.

To accomplish the foregoing purpose, this title has utilized the adoption by reference technique authorized by Chapter 308-330 WAC (Washington Model Traffic Ordinance), referred to in this title as MTO. The MTO sections are adopted by this title. All sections adopted by reference shall be considered a part of this title in all respects as though such sections were set forth in this title in full. Utilization of the adoption by reference technique shall not be construed as a denial of the city’s legislative power. (Ord. A-119 § 1, 1994; Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.040 Title, chapter and section headings not part of law.

A. Title headings, chapter headings, and section or subsection headings as used in this title do not constitute any part of the law.

B. When the word “title,” “chapter,” or “section” appears in an RCW section adopted by reference, such word reference shall not be deemed to govern, limit, modify, or in any manner affect the scope, meaning, or extent of those sections adopted by reference as utilized in this title. (Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.050 Traffic misdemeanor exceptions – Penalties.

A. Any person who is convicted of violating or failing to comply with any provisions of Chapter 10.36 or 10.60 MICC shall be punished only by a fine, not to exceed $500. The offenses listed below shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $500, or imprisonment for not more than 180 days or both.

1. RCW 46.20.342, relating to driving while license suspended or revoked;

2. RCW 46.52.010, relating to duty on striking unattended car or other property;

3. RCW 46.52.020, relating to duty in case of injury to or death of person or damage to attended vehicle;

4. RCW 46.61.500, relating to reckless driving;

5. RCW 46.61.506, relating to persons under influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs;

6. RCW 46.61.504, relating to actual physical control of motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug;

7. RCW 46.61.530, relating to racing of vehicles on highways – reckless driving;

8. RCW 46.61.535, relating to advertising of unlawful speed attained – reckless driving.

B. The violation of any other provision of this title is a misdemeanor unless specifically designated as a gross misdemeanor and shall be punishable by the appropriate jail penalty and/or fine. (Ord. 503 § 1, 1981; Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.060 Interpretation of terms.

Repealed by Ord. 06C-06. (Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.02.070 Miscellaneous statutes adopted by reference.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.90.205    Public employees to obey traffic regulations.

46.08.060    Classification as emergency vehicles – Approved by operators.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).