Chapter 10.12


10.12.010    Police administration.

10.12.020    Statutes adopted by reference – Traffic division.

10.12.030    Statutes adopted by reference – Accident reports.

10.12.040    Statutes adopted by reference – Traffic engineer.

10.12.050    Traffic engineer – Additional authority.

10.12.060    Statutes adopted by reference – Local authority.

10.12.070    Statutes adopted by reference – Facility.

10.12.010 Police administration.

When, in the opinion of the city manager, the traffic problems warrant, he may establish in the police department a traffic division to be under the control of the police chief or a police officer appointed by and directly responsible to the police chief. (Ord. 06C-06 § 2; Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.020 Statutes adopted by reference – Traffic division.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.90.210    Police administration.

46.90.215    Duty of traffic division.

46.90.225    Records of traffic violations.

46.90.230    Traffic division to investigate accidents.

46.90.235    Traffic accident studies.

46.90.240    Traffic accident reports.

46.90.245    Traffic division to submit annual traffic safety report.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.030 Statutes adopted by reference – Accident reports.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.52.030    Accident reports.

46.52.040    Accident reports – Report when operator disabled.

46.52.070    Police officer’s report.

46.52.080    Confidentiality of reports – Information required to be disclosed – Evidence.

46.52.088    Reports – False information.

46.52.090    Reports by repairmen, storage men and appraisers – Violations, penalties.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.040 Statutes adopted by reference – Traffic engineer.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.90.260    Traffic engineer.

46.90.265    Traffic engineer – Authority.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.050 Traffic engineer – Additional authority.

The traffic engineer shall have the following authority:

A. Authority to Restrict Bicycles. To erect signs on any sidewalk or roadway preventing the riding of bicycles thereon by any person;

B. Parking Adjacent to Schools. To erect signs indicating no parking upon either or both sides of any street adjacent to any school property when such parking would, in his opinion, interfere with traffic, create a hazardous situation, or create a public nuisance;

C. Authority to Temporarily Prohibit Parking. To temporarily prohibit parking on any city street, provided that notice is posted 24 hours prior to the time that parking is to be temporarily prohibited;

D. Authority to Issue Permits – Curb Loading Zones. To issue special permits to allow the loading or unloading of passengers or freight at curb loading zones subject to the terms and conditions of such permit. Such permits may be issued either to the owner or lessee of real property alongside the curb or to the owner of the vehicle and shall grant to such person the privilege as therein stated and authorized by this section. Every such permit shall expire at the end of one year;

E. Whenever the city engineer finds that a public street is in danger of being seriously damaged or destroyed by reason of rain, snow, climatic or other conditions, the city engineer, in accordance with the provisions of RCW 46.44.080, is authorized to prohibit the operation on such public streets, as are endangered, of motor trucks or other vehicles and/or impose limitations as to the weight thereof. The city engineer shall afford public notice of any prohibition, limitation or other restrictions by publication of such notice in the city newspaper except where emergency conditions would render such giving of notice impractical. (Ord. 493 § 1, 1980; Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.060 Statutes adopted by reference – Local authority.

The following state statute is adopted by reference:


46.90.270    Local authority – Authority.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.12.070 Statutes adopted by reference – Facility.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


47.52.040    Design of facility – Ingress and egress restricted – Closure of intersecting roads.

47.52.110    Marking of facility with signs.

47.52.120    Violations specified – Penalty.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).