Chapter 10.32


10.32.010    Statutes adopted by reference – Moving defective vehicles unlawful – Inspection of damaged vehicle.

10.32.020    Statutes adopted by reference – Regulations generally.

10.32.010 Statutes adopted by reference – Moving defective vehicles unlawful – Inspection of damaged vehicle.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.32.060    Moving defective vehicle unlawful – Impounding authorized.

46.32.070    Inspection of damaged vehicle.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.32.020 Statutes adopted by reference – Regulations generally.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.37.010    Scope and effect of regulations – General penalty.

46.37.020    When lighted lamps and signaling devices are required.

46.37.030    Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps.

46.37.040    Head lamps on motor vehicles.

46.37.050    Tail lamps.

46.37.060    Reflectors.

46.37.070    Stop lamps and turn signals required.

46.37.080    Application of succeeding sections.

46.37.090    Additional equipment required on certain vehicles.

46.37.100    Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, back-up lamps and reflectors.

46.37.110    Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps and side marker lamps.

46.37.120    Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps and side marker lamps.

46.37.130    Obstructed lights not required.

46.37.140    Lamps, reflectors, and flags on projecting load.

46.37.150    Lamps on vehicles – Parked or stopped vehicles, lighting requirements.

46.37.160    Hazard warning lights, lamps and reflectors on farm tractors, farm equipment and implements of husbandry – Slow moving vehicle emblem.

46.37.170    Lamps and reflectors on other vehicles and equipment – Slow moving vehicle emblem on animal-drawn vehicles.

46.37.180    Stop lamps and auxiliary lamps.

46.37.184    Red flashing lights on fire department vehicles.

46.37.185    Green light on firemen’s private cars.

46.37.186    Fire department sign or plate on private car.

46.37.187    Green light, sign or place – Identification card required.

46.37.188    Penalty for violation of RCW 46.37.184 through 46.37.188.

46.37.190    Red lights on emergency vehicles, school buses, private carrier buses, police vehicles – Sirens on emergency vehicles – Blue lights authorized on certain police vehicles – Driver’s duty to yield and stop.

46.37.196    Red lights on emergency tow trucks.

46.37.200    Stop lamps and electric turn signals.

46.37.210    Additional lighting equipment.

46.37.215    Hazard warning lights.

46.37.220    Multiple-beam road lighting equipment.

46.37.230    Use of multiple-beam road lighting equipment.

46.37.240    Single-beam road lighting equipment.

46.37.260    Alternate road lighting equipment.

46.37.270    Number of lamps required – Number of additional lamps permitted.

46.37.280    Special restrictions on lamps.

46.37.290    Special lighting equipment on school buses and private carrier buses.

46.37.300    Standards for lights on snow removal or highway maintenance and service equipment.

46.37.340    Braking equipment required.

46.37.351    Performance ability of brakes.

46.37.360    Maintenance of brakes – Brake system failure indicator.

46.37.365    Hydraulic brake fluid – Defined – Standards and specifications.

46.37.369    Wheels and front suspension.

46.37.375    Steering and suspension systems.

46.37.380    Horns, warning devices and theft alarms.

46.37.390    Mufflers, prevention of noise – Smoke and air contaminants – Standards – Definitions.

46.37.400    Mirrors.

46.37.410    Windshields required, exception – Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers.

46.37.420    Restrictions as to tire equipment.

46.37.425    Authority of state commission on equipment with reference to tires – Rules and regulations – Penalty.

46.37.430    Safety glazing materials in motor vehicles.

46.37.440    Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices.

46.37.450    Display of warning devices when vehicle disabled.

46.37.460    Vehicles transporting explosives.

46.37.465    Fuel system.

46.37.480    Television viewers – Earphones.

46.37.490    Safety load chains and devices required.

46.37.500    Fenders or splash aprons.

46.37.510    Seat belts and shoulder harnesses.

46.37.513    Bumpers.

46.37.517    Body and body hardware.

46.37.520    Beach used vehicles with soft tires – “Dune buggies” – Inspection and approval required – Fee.

46.37.522    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles – When head lamps and tail lamps to be lighted.

46.37.523    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles – Head lamps.

46.37.524    Motor-driven cycles – Head lamps.

46.37.525    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles – Tail lamps, reflectors, and stop lamps.

46.37.527    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles – Brake requirements.

46.37.528    Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles – Performance ability of brakes.

46.37.529    Motor-driven cycles – Braking system inspection.

46.37.530    Motorcycles or motor-driven cycles – Mirrors, glasses, goggles, face shields, and helmets – Regulations and specifications by state commission on equipment.

46.37.535    Motorcycles or motor-driven cycles – Helmet requirements when motorcycle rented.

46.37.537    Motorcycles – Exhaust system.

46.37.540    Odometers – Disconnecting, resetting or turning back prohibited.

46.37.550    Odometers – Selling motor vehicle knowing odometer turned back unlawful.

46.37.560    Odometers – Selling motor vehicle knowing odometer replaced unlawful.

46.37.570    Odometers – Selling, advertising, using or installing device which causes other than true mileage to be registered.

46.37.590    Odometers – Purchaser plaintiff to recover costs and attorney’s fee, when.

46.37.600    Liability of operator and/or owner for violations.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).