Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Application.

10.52.020    Statutes adopted by reference.

10.52.010 Application.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all lands in the city. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to limit the provisions or the application of Chapter 46.09 RCW. Further, nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to grant any person the right or authority to enter upon private property without permission of the property owner. (Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).

10.52.020 Statutes adopted by reference.

The following state statutes are adopted by reference:


46.09.020    Definitions.

46.09.040    Use permit prerequisite to operation.

46.09.050    Vehicles exempted from ATV use permits and tags.

46.09.090    Display of use permit and dealer tags.

46.09.120    Operating violations.

46.09.130    Additional violations – Penalty.

46.09.140    Accident reports.

46.09.190    General penalty – Civil liability.

(Ord. 451 § 1, 1978).