Chapter 11.32


11.32.010    Vessels and watercraft – Habitation prohibited.

11.32.020    Permitting operation.

11.32.030    Impound.

11.32.010 Vessels and watercraft – Habitation prohibited.

No boat, vessel, watercraft or houseboat moored in the harbor or off the shoreline of the city shall be used as a place of habitation. (Ord. 99C-05 § 1; Ord. A-90 § 1, 1991).

11.32.020 Permitting operation.

It is unlawful for the owner of any vessel or watercraft or any person having such in charge or in control to authorize or knowingly permit the same to be operated by any person who is under the influence of or affected by the use of any chemical substance. (Ord. 99C-05 § 1; Ord. A-90 § 1, 1991).

11.32.030 Impound.

Whenever it appears reasonably necessary to protect property, an arresting officer may impound a watercraft or vessel when it cannot be otherwise secured or released. The arresting officer, in lieu of impound may release the watercraft to a person who, in the officer’s opinion, can safely operate the watercraft or vessel or secure said watercraft or vessel to a moorage facility when same has been approved for such purpose. The owner or operator of the watercraft or vessel must sign a waiver of impound to allow the arresting officer an option other than impounding the watercraft or vessel. (Ord. 99C-05 § 1; Ord. A-90 § 1, 1991).