Section 6:
Support Provided to City Council

6.1 Staff/Clerical Support

Staff and administrative support to members of the City Council is provided through the City Manager’s Office.

Secretarial services, including scheduling of appointments, receipt of telephone messages, and word processing, are available as needed.

Sensitivity to the workload of support staff members in the City Manager’s Office is appreciated. Please note that individuals may have work assignments with high priority. Should requested tasks require significant time commitments, Councilmembers should consult with the City Manager prior to making assignments.

6.2 Office Equipment

Standard office equipment, such as phones, copiers and fax machines are available at City Hall for the Council to use. All City Councilmembers will receive a personal laptop for use regarding city business. Please refer to the Technology Policy in Appendix A for guidance.

6.3 Meeting Rooms

Please contact the appropriate staff to insure conference rooms are properly scheduled. Use of the Executive Conference Room at City Hall may be scheduled with the City Manager’s Executive Secretary. Use of the Fire Station Training Room may be scheduled with the Administrative Secretary at the Fire Department.

6.4 Mail, Deliveries

Members of the City Council receive a large volume of mail and other materials that are delivered primarily through the use of email and individual mailboxes. Individual mailboxes are maintained for each Councilmember by the City Manager’s staff. Councilmembers are encouraged to check mailboxes often.

Written letters to the Mayor and/or Council are usually scanned by Executive Office staff and distributed via email to the entire Council and the City Manager.

All correspondence to Councilmembers is a public record, potentially eligible for release.

See the Communications Section for procedures regarding Council correspondence and response to citizens.