Directive: AS-13-003
Use of Signature Stamps

General Order Reference: 82.1

Implementation Date: 5/6/2013

Purpose: To establish standards for the use of Signature Stamps in lieu of a signature

Scope: Secretaries

Detail: The following policy shall govern the use signature stamps by secretaries in lieu of the signatures of the Commander and the Chief of Police.

I.    Purpose of signature stamp use:

Due to the high volume of documents requiring signatures, Department secretaries may be assigned signature stamps for the Chief of Police and the Department Commander so that secretaries may use the stamps in lieu of the Chief or the Commander signing a document personally.

II.    Authorization to order and use a signature stamp

A.    The Chief of Police and the Commander may authorize the ordering of signature stamps by the Department’s secretaries.

B.    The Chief of Police and the Commander may authorize the use of signature stamps by the Department’s secretaries.

C.    Authorization is confirmed when the Chief or Commander approve the invoice for the purchase of the stamps by signing the approval declaration prior to payment.

D.    Department staff other than the Department secretaries are not authorized to use signature stamps for any purpose.

II.    Use of signature stamps

Signature stamps may be used by secretaries in the following circumstances:

A.    Financial documents:

1.    To approve invoices for payment where the charge is on a regular schedule and for a routine amount. E.g. A monthly bill that varies only a small amount each month.

2.    Invoices that fall within a 15% variance from the “routine amount” may also be approved using a signature stamp.

3.    A list of invoices that are routine in nature will be created each year in January and an authorizing memo for such charges will be signed by the Commander and Chief.

4.    The Administrative Services Manager will maintain the list each year.

B.    Other documents:

1.    On correspondence, as deemed appropriate by the Chief or Commander.

2.    On Personnel Action Forms, with the approval of the Chief or the Commander.

3.    On other documents that are not required by law or by policy to be signed personally by the Chief or the Commander (such as Certificates of Appreciation, routine reports) where the use of the stamp is approved by the Chief or the Commander.

By: L. Wohl, Police Administrative Services Manager