S-1    SEPA Determination of Non-Signifigance (DNS) and Notice of Publication

S-2    City Council Public Hearing Agenda and Minutes (to be added)

S-3    Local Government Consistency Review Checklists (Thurston County, City of Olympia)

1-1    WSP Amendment to Extend Service Area (2006 Water System Plan update and 2010 WSP Amendment to Service Area)

1-2    Intergovernmental agreement with City of Lacey. Intergovernmental Agreement for Sale of Water (2007 and 2010 Amendment No. 1)

1-3    Intergovernmental agreement with Thurston PUD No. 1. Mutual Aid Agreement Between the Public Utility District No. 1 of Thurston County and the City of Olympia For the Use of Emergency Water System Interties (2015)

1-4    Intergovernmental agreement with City of Tumwater. Mutual Aid Agreement Between the Cities of Tumwater and Olympia For the Use of Emergency Water System Interties (2001)

1-5    Intergovernmental agreement with Thurston PUD No. 1. Intergovernmental Agreement for Sale of Water, Assignment of Water System Accounts, and Management of Water System (2014)

1-6    Intergovernmental agreement with U.S. Army (Fort Lewis). Department of the Army Mutual Aid Agreement (2005)

1-7    Water Facilities Inventory Form (DOH WFI Form)

3-1    Planning Data and Demand Forecast Technical Memorandum (HDR Engineers Inc.)

3-2    Uncertainty Analysis Technical Memorandum (HDR Engineers Inc.)

4-1    Water Rights Documents for Olympia Water Sources

4-2    Memorandum of Agreement with the Nisqually Indian Tribe

4-3    McAllister Wellfield Mitigation Plan

5-1    Annual Water Use Efficiency Reports (2009-2013)

5-2    Water Shortage Response Plan

5-3    LOTT Water Conservation Coordination Plan (2013-2018)

5-4    Water Conservation Program Annual Report (2013)

7-1    Contaminant Source Inventory Update (2009-2010)

7-2    Contaminant Source Inventory Update (2011-2012)

7-3    Contaminant Source Inventory (2013 – 2014) Findings and Notification Documents

7-4    Susceptibility Assessments and Well Logs for McAllister Wellfield (S16)

11-1    Trigger Source Monitoring Plan

11-2    Coliform Monitoring Plan

11-3    Stage 2 Disinfection By-Products Monitoring Plan

12-1    Cross Connection Control Procedures Manual

12-2    Drinking Water Utility Emergency Response Plan Table of Contents

12-3    Technical Memorandum: Asset Management Strategy

14-1    Financial Analysis