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Chapter 18.64


18.64.010    Responsibility of park owner or operator.

18.64.020    Maintenance standards.

18.64.030    Obstructions prohibited.

18.64.040    Duty of mobile home occupant to clean own premises.

18.64.050    Maintenance of park site.

18.64.060    Rodent and vermin prevention.

18.64.070    Garbage and refuse disposal.


18.64.010 Responsibility of park owner or operator.

The owner or operator of a mobile home park shall be responsible for the maintenance of their sites. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.020 Maintenance standards.

Every structure shall be maintained in an approved, safe and sanitary condition and in a state of approved repair. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.030 Obstructions prohibited.

No structure, equipment, or obstruction of any kind shall be erected, placed, or maintained on or about the mobile home site that would impede the movement of a mobile home from a site to a conforming driveway or prevent inspection of plumbing and electrical facilities and related mobile home equipment. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.040 Duty of mobile home occupant to clean own premises.

Every occupant of a mobile home shall keep in a clean and sanitary condition that part of the premises which he occupies and controls. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.050 Maintenance of park site.

Mobile home park sites shall be well-drained, free from trash or litter, and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.060 Rodent and vermin prevention.

Mobile home parks shall be maintained free from rodents and vermin. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

18.64.070 Garbage and refuse disposal.

Garbage shall be stored and disposed of in accordance with Chapter 14.02 PMC regulating this matter. Racks, platforms or other approved arrangements shall be provided for all garbage and refuse containers. These shall be designed and maintained to prevent containers from being tipped, facilitate cleaning around the containers and prevent rodent harborage. (Ord. 1634 § 1, 2006).

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