General Provisions

20F.10.10    Purpose.

20F.10.20    Compliance.

20F.10.20-010    Compliance with Redmond Community Development Guide Required.

20F.10.20-020    Violations and Penalties.

20F.10.20-030    Limited Statute of Limitations.

20F.10.30    Administrative Interpretations.

20F.10.30-010    Purpose.

20F.10.30-020    Interpretation Generally.

20F.10.30-030    Responsibility for Interpretation.

20F.10.30-040    Conflict of Provisions.

20F.10.30-050    Interpretation of Zoning Map.

20F.10.30-060    Interpretation of Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

20F.10.30-070    Legislative Discretion.

20F.10.30-080    Administrative Compliance.

20F.10.30-090    Administrative Interpretations, Shoreline Master Program.

20F.10.40    Moratoriums.

20F.10.50    Nonconformances.

20F.10.50-010    Purpose.

20F.10.50-015    Scope.

20F.10.50-020    Definitions.

20F.10.50-030    Nonconforming Lots of Record.

20F.10.50-040    Continuance of Nonconformities.

20F.10.50-050    Conditional Uses.

20F.10.50-060    Maintenance.

20F.10.50-070    Abandonment of Rights to Nonconformities.

20F.10.50-080    Restoration.

20F.10.50-090    Alteration or Expansion of a Nonconformance.

20F.10.50-100    Alteration or Expansion of a Nonconformance in the Downtown.

20F.10.50-110    Abatement of Public Nuisances.

20F.10.50-120    Prior Nonconformance.

20F.10.50-130    Illegal Uses or Structures.

20F.10.60    Vesting.

20F.10.60-010    Purpose.

20F.10.60-020    Scope.

20F.10.60-030    Decision Criteria.

20F.10.60-040    Fees.

20F.10.70    Reimbursements.

20F.10.70-010    Reimbursements for Park, Recreation, Open Space or Trail Dedications.

20F.10.80    Legislative Enactments.