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Number: 100-01

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Jay Covington

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Jesse Tanner


To establish policy and procedure for the development, coordination, and issuance of the City of Renton Policies and Procedures Manual.


All departments/divisions.


Renton Municipal Code.


The City of Renton maintains a Policies and Procedures Manual, which outlines the major systems and procedures relating to the interaction of its organizational departments. In addition, the manual outlines city systems and procedures relating to interaction between the City of Renton, the Mayor, the Council, department heads, vendors, contractors, subcontractors, and outside consultants. A standard manual is intended to represent a unified approach to sound municipal government and is designed to provide public documentation describing overall policy, rules of procedure, and methods of operation.


5.1    City Policy:

Statements of what should be done in a certain set of circumstances, established by Council action and the Mayor.

5.2    Procedure:

Instruction required to implement policy.

5.3    Policy and Procedure Documents:

Two-part statements defining legislative policies and guidelines, city policies, and procedures.


6.1    All City of Renton personnel are responsible for maintaining constant awareness of policy and procedure documents. They are to implement promptly all new or revised publications.

6.2    All department heads and administrative staff are responsible for providing analysis and recommendations for improved administrative techniques and for preparing policy and procedure documents for the City of Renton.

6.3    All policy and procedure documents must be reviewed with the City’s Chief Administrative Officer prior to publication in order to insure appropriateness of subject matter and adherence to format.

6.4    The Mayor will approve all policy and procedure documents under authority assigned by the City Council and the Revised Code of Washington.

6.5    Coordination and Approval:

6.5.1    New or revised policies and procedures shall be drafted by the department or division heads and submitted to the CityClerk accompanied by a cover letter from the administrator outlining the purpose of the policy (if new) and changes (if revised). If existing policy is revised, deletions should be denoted by cross-hatching or dashes and added language should be bolded.

6.5.2    All policies will be logged and numbered by the City Clerk, and copies of proposed policies will be provided to the Mayor’s secretary for submittal to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

6.5.3    Following review by the Mayor and CAO, copies of the policy and procedure will be provided to department administrators at the Mayor’s weekly staff meeting for distribution to directors and managers for review and comments.

6.5.4    Within a two-week time period, comments and suggestions shall be returned to the policy originator and the CAO. Comments will be reviewed by originating department head and CAO, and the draft policy and procedure will be revised, if necessary, by the policy originator.

6.5.5    Following final approval by the CAO, the policy and procedure shall be e-mailed to the City Clerk by the originating department. A final copy will be printed by the City Clerk, submitted to the Mayor for signature, and placed on file in the Clerk Division.

6.5.6    The final policy will be e-mailed to the codifier to add or update the manual and return a new policy and procedure CD-ROM to the City Clerk. The CD-ROM will be transmitted to Information Services for replacement on the network.

6.5.7    The City Clerk shall notify all users via e-mail that the policy and procedure manual has been updated, and provide a list of revised policies. No hard copies of the policies and procedures will be distributed. If desired, hard copies may be printed by users and maintained in the departmental policy and procedure binder. The electronic policy and procedures may be accessed on Novel under Renton City Code/Policies and Procedures.

6.6    Policy Updates:

6.6.1    Policies should be reviewed periodically and updated as required. All policies will be reviewed at least every 5 years.