Effective Date:    11-1-1982

Supersedes:    Title I, City Code, Section 1-515

Prepared by:    D. Mead

Revised:    M. Motor

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish guidelines for orderly preparation and presentation of ordinances and resolutions for City Council action and to insure that all departments/parties are made aware of proposed legislation and are given the opportunity for input prior to final adoption.


All departments/divisions.


Title 1, Section 1-515, City Code, RMC 1-2 or RCW 35A.11.090.


4.1    Each department is responsibile to update that part of the City Code which falls within its jurisdiction.

4.2    Preparation: All ordinances and resolutions shall be prepared by the City Attorney (unless otherwise arranged with the Attorney) or by Bond Counsel. No ordinance or resolution shall be prepared for presentation to Council unless ordered by a majority vote of the Council, requested by the Mayor, or prepared by the City Attorney on his own initiative.

4.3    Originals of all ordinances shall be filed with the City Clerk.

4.4    Prior Approval by Administration: Requests for new legislation or revision to existing ordinances or resolutions shall be submitted to departments/administrative staff having jurisdiction over the subject matter within the legislation and shall be examined and approved by them or their duly authorized representative prior to and following preparation of the legislation.

4.5    Requests for ordinance or resolutions having to do with financial matters (i.e., budgetary funding, transfers, appropriations, etc.) must be cleared with the Finance Department.


5.1    Legislation:

For the purpose of this policy, legislation shall mean ordinances and resolutions.


6.1    Requests for code revisions or new legislation shall be set up in draft form upon approval by all departments having jurisdiction over the subject and presented at staff meeting for final input and placement on the Council agenda.

6.2    No legislation shall be submitted to the Ways and Means Committee without first having been referred to that Committee by prior Council action.

6.3    Copies of proposed ordinances or resolutions, when received by the City Clerk from the legal department, are forwarded to the administrative staff to check content accuracy, legal descriptions, exhibits, etc. If approved, staff initials and returns the document to the Clerk. If corrections are necessary, they are indicated on the copy and returned. If major revisions are required, the original may be requested from the Clerk for return to the City Attorney.

6.4    Ordinances shall not be presented to the Ways and Means Committee without first having been approved as complete and correct, and shall be filed with the City Clerk for routing, checking and submittal to the Ways and Means Committee.

6.5    Upon adoption of ordinances and resolutions, and after all exhibits are affixed, fees paid, restrictive covenants filed, etc., the legislation is signed by the Mayor and signed, sealed and published by the City Clerk as required by law.

6.6    Upon final adoption of ordinances and resolutions and following effective date from passage, copies are certified by the City Clerk as may be necessary and distributed to departments, parties of record, and as may be legally or otherwise required.