Effective Date:    8-1-85

Supersedes:    Council Policy Memo 6/12/84

Prepared by:    M. Parness

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish policy and procedural guidelines to assist the Administration in the review of applications for use of City right-of-way for the purpose of conducting special events.


All departments/divisions.




4.1    It has been determined by the City Council that the City should support and endorse special events on city-owned right-of-way (R.O.W.) when such events are determined to be in accord with the attainment of one or more of the following goals:

1)    To enhance the image of this community or to promote a sense of community spirit;

2)    To support the health, fitness, and general well-being of local citizens;

3)    To benefit, through fund raising efforts, groups or causes deemed beneficial to this community (i.e., charitable, cultural, or educational organizations or institutions).

4.2    The City shall provide support in the form of Administrative review, utilization of equipment, and waiver of appropriate fees if and when it is determined that the event meets one or more of the following conditions:

1)    The event meets the criteria established in 4.1 of this policy and is sponsored and organized by a local community-oriented group or organization.

2)    A significant percentage of the proceeds resulting from the event will benefit charitable, cultural, or educational organizations or causes in the City of Renton.

3)    It can be demonstrated that the majority of those participating in the event are residents of the City of Renton.

4.2.1    Those events which fall outside of the guidelines above (4.2) may still receive approval for the event; however, the City shall recoup through a fee to be collected prior to the event all anticipated overtime costs for City staff supporting the event, necessary parade permits and, if applicable, equipment use fees, performance bonds, or other costs as deemed appropriate.

4.3    No event shall be permitted to take place on City right-of-way that would:

1)    Disturb to a significant degree the provision of City services to the general public;

2)    Expose the City to unreasonable liability risks;

3)    Create concern for the safety and security of participants, observers, or the general public;

4)    Cause public or private property to be damaged or destroyed.

4.4    All determinations regarding the administration of this policy are delegated to the City Administration. Decisions related to this policy shall be considered administrative in nature and shall be treated as such.




6.1    All persons indicating an interest in using City right-of-way for a special event should be referred to the Mayor's office where application forms are available.

6.1.1    Applications must be completed, signed, and returned to the Mayor's office at least four weeks prior to the proposed event. The Mayor's Administrative Assistant may waive the four-week requirement under unusual circumstances provided that sufficient time remains to allow a thorough administrative review.

6.2    The Mayor's Administrative Assistant shall distribute the application to all of the appropriate departments for comment prior to issuing a permit.

6.2.1    Each department representative should review the application, providing observations and/or concerns related to the particular event. Examples of information that should be addressed include potential conflicts that the event may have with other public or departmental activities scheduled for that time; anticipated overtime costs necessary to adequately support the event; availability of equipment requested by the event sponsors; special liability concerns; and any other facts or information that may be of value in reviewing the application.

6.3    If necessary, the Mayor's Administrative Assistant may wish to schedule a meeting with the appropriate staff and the event sponsors to discuss issues of concern or to ensure an understanding of mutual responsibilities.

6.4    The Mayor's Administrative Assistant, after reviewing all of the information, shall issue a letter to the applicant approving, denying, or providing conditional approval of the request. Such letter shall serve as formal and final notification.

6.4.1    Copies of this correspondence shall be transmitted to all affected departments, the Council President, and the City Clerk. The City Clerk's office shall be responsible for notifying the Mayor's office if the provisions of conditional approval are not met prior to the event (i.e., fee submitted, proof of insurance provided, execution of hold-harmless agreement).