Effective Date:    3-1-87


Prepared by:    C. Baker

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish policy and procedural guidelines for the use of the City publication entitled RENTON REPORT, A Community Newsletter.


All departments/divisions.




4.1    The City of Renton shall utilize the community newsletter to distribute information concerning City programs and services to Renton citizens. It is intended to establish and enhance communication between City government and the Renton business and residential community. The basic goal is to inform the public of current issues, with emphasis on the positive qualities of life enjoyed by Renton citizens. It will serve as a tool to answer questions posed by the community and provide a forum where local citizens can be recognized for outstanding community service.

Promotion of these goals requires commitment to a quality publication so that the positive image being sought is maintained and enhanced.

4.2    The newsletter will be a quarterly publication sent to all residents and businesses within the City limits. In addition to certain regular features, each issue will cover quarterly thematic topics.

4.3    The Community Relations Specialist shall be responsible for gathering material for articles on City of Renton functions, projects, and activities; preparing the RENTON REPORT Community Newsletter, and arranging for its distribution.

4.4    Information contained in the newsletter shall be limited to articles and information that pertain to the City of Renton and are of interest and benefit to the general public.

4.4.1    The newsletter is intended to serve as a communication tool for the citizens of Renton and is not to be used for political or commercial purposes or by any person or organization to promote a particular point of view.

No message shall be printed which involves any advertising material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services. This shall include but not be limited to the following: advertising by or on behalf of candidates for political office; advertising for events which will produce profits benefiting a private enterprise or individual.

4.4.2    As stipulated by State law, information concerning issues to be decided by vote of the electorate will be printed as a service only with no reference either to support or opposition.


Not applicable.


6.1    Issues will be scheduled on a quarterly basis with suggested publication dates being the first of March, June, September, and December.

6.2    The editor will notify departments 30 days in advance of publication date regarding theme of that issue. Material which departments want included in the issue should be submitted in written form to the editor no later than 10 days from date of notification.

6.3    The editor is responsible for revising text and determining final format. A final draft will be submitted for department review prior to printing.

6.3.1    Final copy will be approved by the Mayor's Administrative Assistant.

6.4    Unless performed in-house, printing, graphics, and other necessary services shall be awarded on the basis of competitive bid, taking into consideration artistic performance, reliability, and timeliness as well as cost.

6.5    The proposed newsletter format is best suited for short articles accompanied by graphics and/or photographs; this will not be a text-oriented document. Each issue will probably but not necessarily include some or all of the following sections:

1)    Community Feedback Section. This section will be devoted to answering letters which have been received that apply to the community as a whole.

2)    City of Renton Directory. This section will show the office telephone numbers of the Mayor, City Council, and departments.

3)    Public Service Information. This section will contain safety tips on a variety of subjects as well as educational services available.

4)    Recognition Section. This section will be accompanied by a photograph and will be used to recognize outstanding community service.

6.6    The bulk of the written portion will be submitted by each department. Any topic the department considers appropriate for the newsletter can be submitted for editing and final approval by the editor.

6.7    In the event that contents of any material conflict with the intent of this policy, the Mayor's Administrative Assistant will review and make the final determination.