Department: Administration

Effective Date:    12/11/95

Supersedes:    N/A

Staff Contact:    David Hohn

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To establish uniform operating policies and procedures for the City of Renton Equipment Rental Division and to govern vehicle and equipment specification, purchasing, accounting, rental, use, maintenance, disposal and replacement of vehicles and equipment.


All departments.


Council Resolution # 2521

RCW 46.08.065


It is the expressed intent of the City of Renton that the management and maintenance of the city’s fleet of vehicles and equipment fall under the administration of the Fleet Manager who is responsible to the City Management for the following:

4.1    Vehicle and equipment specifications: The fleet manager will work with the owning departments to assist in preparing a specification that will produce the desired asset to accomplish the task in the most cost effective manner for the city.

4.2    Purchasing:

4.2.1    All procurements will be in accordance with current City and State rules and regulations.

4.2.2    Whenever feasible the State Contract for Vehicle Purchases will be utilized if it meets the criteria of the city.

4.2.3    Vehicles and equipment that can not be obtained from the State Contract will have specifications prepared and sent out for bid in accordance with City of Renton purchasing procedures.

4.2.4    No vehicle or piece of equipment will be added to the fleet unless authorized by the Mayor and the City Council with a recommendation from the Fleet Manager.

4.3    Vehicle Marking:

4.3.1    All licensed city vehicles and equipment will be marked in accordance with RCW 46.08.065

4.3.2    All unlicensed city equipment will be marked for ownership and accountability.

4.4    Accounting:

4.4.1    Budgeting of funds shall be based on approved annual equipment procurement and maintenance programs.

4.4.2    Allocation of equipment to various work units shall be based on the requirements identified in approved annual work programs of the various departments and divisions.

4.4.3    Equipment Rental Division will prepare a budget based on future agreed upon levels of service..

4.4.4    Additional requests for fund transfers will be made to the owning department for items that are not within the scope of normal repair or service, or not covered within the budget.

4.4.5    The Finance Department will maintain the accounting of the vehicle replacement fund and provide to the fleet manager a quarterly report showing a breakdown of contributions by department, expenditures and credits or revenues.

4.4.6    The Equipment Rental Division will maintain the vehicle replacement fund and show by department and vehicle what has been collected and is available for replacement.

4.4.7    No expenditures from the vehicle replacement fund will be done without the approval of the Finance Department and the Fleet Manager in conjunction with approval from the owning department. This implies that the appropriate approvals have been obtained from the City Council.

4.5    Rental:

4.5.1    A vehicle rental pool will be established and maintained by the Fleet Manager for use on a first-come, first serve basis through reservations.

4.5.2    Every vehicle or equipment using department will have an equipment rental fee that will be collected to cover the maintenance and operation for each of its owned assets.

4.5.3    Rental rates will be established and maintained by the Equipment Rental Division.

4.6    Use:

4.6.1    It is the responsibility of each division and department administrator to ensure the City employees under their supervision are aware of, and follow, the policy and procedures governing the official use of vehicles and equipment.

4.6.2    It is the responsibility of each division and department administrator to ensure the employees under their supervision have the correct license and endorsements for the equipment being operated.

4.6.3    The operation of any City owned or rented vehicle, or piece of equipment, is predicated on the understanding that all applicable State and Federal laws, rules, regulations, and the City of Renton ordinances and policies are followed.

4.6.4    All employees who take City vehicles home over night must have prior authorization from their department administrators.

4.6.5    City vehicles may be used for travel to lunch when an employee is out of town on business or when in a location where driving to obtain his or her personal car would result in an extra and unnecessary expenditure of fuel and time.

4.6.6    Except when necessary to accommodate the employee’s meals, other physical needs, and approved breaks, City vehicles may not be used for personal business even though the personal business may not result in additional cost to the City of Renton.

4.6.7    Transporting family members in city vehicles is permissible only when the family member is accompanying a city employee to a business meeting or official function.

4.6.8    The Safety Officer may request the driving records of all City of Renton vehicle operators from the State Department of Licensing, and may notify an employee’s supervisor and the fleet manager of any employee having a suspended drivers license.

4.6.9    The City Attorney’s Office, Risk Management, and Safety Officer will notify the Fleet Manager of any employee driving restrictions as they occur.

4.6.10    City vehicles may not be driven outside the State of Washington without the authorization of the operator’s departmental administrator.

4.6.11    Personal vehicles may be used for official city business with the prior approval of the employee’s department administrator. Employees using their own vehicles will be reimbursed at the current rate accepted and published by the Federal Internal Revenue Service after submittal of an employee expense reimbursement form to the Finance Department.

4.6.12    The City provides bodily injury and property damage liability insurance coverage for employees using their own vehicle on city business. The City does not provide insurance coverage for the car and employees are responsible for providing their own vehicle liability insurance

4.6.13    Employees are encouraged to use city vehicles instead of their own for official city business whenever practical.

4.6.14    In the spirit of good citizenship, and consistent with safety requirements, all City of Renton employees operating City vehicles are encouraged to render aid or assistance to the motoring public on city streets. Most City vehicles are equipped with some type of communications equipment, and every reasonable effort should be put forth to respond to whatever challenge a roadside or emergency situation presents. Common sense dictates that the effort be commensurate with the employee’s capabilities, as each situation might allow.

4.7    Maintenance:

4.7.1    The owning departments are responsible to ensure their vehicles and equipment are available for proper maintenance as required.

4.7.2    The Equipment Rental Division is responsible for maintenance, repair, inspections, and certifications on vehicles and equipment belonging to the City of Renton.

4.8    Fuel:

4.8.1    All fuel purchases will be coordinated through the fleet manager to ensure all cost and consumption is accounted for and correctly posted.

4.8.2    All fuel credit cards will be controlled by the Equipment Rental Division. A log will be maintained to include vehicle number, card number, and department.

4.9    Replacement and Additions to Fleet:

4.9.1    Prior to the budget cycle the Equipment Rental Division will give all departments the recommended replacement list.

4.9.2    All departments will review and return their list of replacements and additions to the Equipment Rental Division for consolidation.

4.9.3    The Equipment Rental Division will forward the consolidated list to the Finance Department.

4.9.4    All additions to the fleet must have an approved work program which has been approved by the City Council, or must obtain Council approval if the additions are to be purchased outside the budget cycle.

4.10    Disposal: All vehicles and equipment that have been declared surplus will be sold through auction or other approved means of disposal. Vehicles and equipment that have been declared surplus may be placed in the equipment rental pool if cost effective and needed.

4.11    Responsibilities:

4.11.1    Equipment Rental Division:    Responsible for vehicle and equipment maintenance of the City fleet.    Ensure that the City of Renton Fleet Policy is current with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.    Assist the departments review of the use of City of Renton vehicles and equipment during the annual budget process to ensure such use is cost effective use.    Ensuring operating costs are competitive with local industry.

4.11.2    Vehicle and Equipment Using Departments:    Using departments own the vehicles and equipment assigned to them. Operation and maintenance should be conducted to ensure the best use for these assets.    Responsible for ensuring their vehicles are available to the Equipment Rental Division for all scheduled maintenance.    Providing such information as may be required by the Equipment Rental Division in meeting its assigned responsibilities.    Complying with this policy’s reporting requirements and utilization restrictions.    Annually reviewing take home vehicle assignments as part of the budget development process.

4.11.3    The operator is responsible for all before and after operations checks; to operate the vehicle or equipment safely and as designed; and for reporting any malfunctions to the Equipment rental Division lead mechanic immediately.

4.12    Training:

4.12.1    The Equipment Rental Division will provide technical training to the mechanics to keep them competitive and abreast of all changing technologies.

4.12.2    All mechanics will be cross trained in all areas within the Equipment Rental Division to ensure productivity and quality levels are maintained.

4.12.3    Training will be provided to customers as requested in areas that pertain to the operation of fleet equipment.

4.13    Hazardous Materials and Waste Streams

4.13.1    The Fleet Manager is responsible for implementing a Hazardous Waste Reduction Program within the Equipment Rental Division.

4.13.2    It is the responsibility of the Fleet Manager to ensure compliance with all hazardous material regulations as they pertain to the Equipment Rental Division.

4.14    Service to Vehicle and Equipment Users: The level of service received from the Equipment Rental Division will be both timely and of high quality. Each department and individual customer is important and encouraged to provide constructive input to further improve service quality. Deficient areas need to be brought to the attention of the fleet manager who will provide a response on action taken to correct or resolve the problem.


5.1    Vehicle and Equipment Specifications:

5.1.1    The owning department will obtain product information, specifications, and the list of necessary options that are required for the type of equipment they would like to purchase. If help is needed in this area the fleet manager will assist in obtaining necessary information.

5.1.2    The owning department and the fleet manager will identify what is required to be included in the specification by identifying application and maintenance requirements. This is to ensure the correct item is being purchased for the right job and the maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

5.1.3    The fleet manager will write the specification and present it to the owning department for their approval. The specification process, as well as the identifying process, should include the actual user or operator when possible. When the specification is correct the department will sign the specification and return it to the fleet manager. If corrections are needed they will be noted and the specification will be returned for corrections. The approval process will start over.

5.1.4    All specifications will be sent to a minimum of three vendors to ensure a competitive bid process. A life cycle cost analysis will be required from each vendor using the same criteria and will be submitted with their bid.

5.1.5    Bids will be screened after they are opened to determine which is the most responsive. Being the lowest price does not automatically grant selection. The life cycle cost analysis, price, and being the most responsive to the specification all play an important part in the selection process.

5.1.6    Prior to the bid award, a pre-award meeting may be held between the vendor, owning department, and the fleet manager. This meeting will ensure the city is getting the product as it was specified.

5.1.7    Final selection is made by the owning department with the assistance of the fleet manager.

5.1.8    Upon delivery the vehicle or equipment shall be in-serviced by the Equipment Rental Division. This will include ensuring it fully meets the specification under which it was ordered, obtaining all pertinent information for the files and the Equipment Management System, and licensing. It will also be serviced and made ready for operation.

5.2    Purchasing of Parts and Services:

5.2.1    The Equipment Rental Division will obtain from Purchasing blocks of purchase order numbers that will be used for automotive and equipment parts, repairs and services.

5.2.2    A log will be maintained to allow an audit trail for the usage of each purchase order number. It will indicate purchase order number, vendor, item or service purchased, date, cost, equipment number for which it was used, and receipt of invoice.

5.2.3    All purchase costs, to include outside parts and labor, will be collected under the equipment for which it was purchased. All information will be entered in the appropriate menu in the Equipment Maintenance System.

5.2.4    Only those individuals who have written authority from the fleet manager will be authorized the use of purchase orders to obligate equipment rental funds. Any unauthorized use will be the responsibility of the owning department.

5.2.5    Mechanics at remote sites will be issued a number of purchase orders that they will be able to use to make immediate repairs to equipment. Should the amount of purchase exceed $200 the mechanic will first obtain the Fleet Managers approval.

5.3    Vehicle Marking:

5.3.1    All vehicles will be marked prior to being utilized by any City department with the exception of any vehicle being used by the police department for undercover or confidential investigative purposes.

5.3.2    All vehicles will have the marking accomplished while being in-serviced by the Equipment Rental Division.

5.3.3    All vehicles will have a City of Renton insignia of not less than six inches centered on the left and right front doors.

5.3.4    The name of the department shall be centered two inches above the insignia in two inch black letters.

5.3.5    The words ‘for official use only’ will be centered two inches below the insignia in one inch black letters.

5.3.6    The vehicle number shall be placed on the left and right sides of the vehicle, front and rear. The front side markings will be located on the upper portion of the front fender two inches behind the headlight. The rear side markings will be located on the upper portion of the rear fender two inches in front of the tail light.

5.3.7    The above marking procedure will be done with all new vehicles. Older vehicles already in the fleet will not have markings changed in accordance with this procedure as it would not be cost effective. Any unmarked vehicles will be properly marked.

5.3.8    All pieces of equipment that are owned by the City of Renton will be marked in two inch black or white contrasting colors showing their equipment numbers. If there is not sufficient space for the two inch letters a smaller letter will be used providing it is of contrasting color and can be read.

5.4    Accounting:

5.4.1    The equipment replacement fund will be broken down by department and show the amount collected for the replacement of each vehicle within that respective department..

5.4.2    Departments will have access to vehicle replacement and rental cost reports. A complete breakdown will show costs associated with each department.

5.4.3    The Equipment Rental Division and the Finance Department will reconcile totals semi-annually.

5.4.4    When a vehicle is replaced and funds are expended an audit trail will be established within the report.

5.5    Pool Rental Vehicles:

5.5.1    All rental pool vehicles will be rented on a first-come, first-serve basis with reservations made in person or by telephone.

5.5.2    The hourly rental rate is rounded to the next nearest whole hour of use and begins when the keys and vehicle are picked up. Rental ends when the keys and vehicle are returned to the Equipment Rental Division and the ending mileage is recorded on the sign out/sign in sheet.

5.5.3    Hourly rental rates shall be determined by the size and type of vehicle used. Rates shall be adjusted as required or at least at the beginning of each calendar year.

5.5.4    The using employee shall refuel the vehicles upon their return. Fueling should always take place at the automated fuel station located at the Public Works Maintenance Facility.

5.5.5    Rental rates are computed using maintenance costs, operating costs, and overhead costs divided by months of estimated life.

5.6    Use:

5.6.1    All operators of City vehicles and equipment will have the appropriate license and endorsements for the vehicle being operated.

5.6.2    Before operation ensure sufficient fuel is in the vehicle, fluid levels are correct and lights and brakes are working prior to leaving for the job site or destination. A check for any damages will be conducted and if found, reported to the fleet manager.

5.6.3    If any accident or damage occurs during the operation of the vehicle or equipment an accident or incident report will be completed in accordance with City Policy & Procedure 700-03.

5.6.4    All vehicles will be refueled at the end of operation.

5.7    Maintenance:

5.7.1    All repair requests must be initiated when the deficiency is noted by the operator or department. All work is started with the Work Request being filled out by the individual who is requesting repairs or service.

5.7.2    Equipment will be left at an Equipment Rental repair site with the work request.

5.7.3    Once the equipment has been turned in to the Equipment Rental Division for repairs, it will not be released until all repairs are accomplished. Any exceptions will have to be coordinated with the fleet manager on a case by case basis.

5.7.4    Preventive services are performed at either mileage or time period intervals. Departments may schedule maintenance and repair work by calling and making appointment or bringing equipment in.

5.7.5    Operators and supervisors are responsible to bring equipment in for timely repairs.

5.7.6    All scheduled maintenance, to include inspections and certifications, will be coordinated by the Equipment Rental Division with the using department.

5.7.7    Should equipment fail during operation the Equipment Rental Division may be contacted on the radio, call sign ‘Garage’, or by telephone at 235-2640. Immediate attention will be rendered.

5.7.8    If a vehicle fails in the flow of traffic it is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is not causing a hazard to the public. All safety precautions will be taken using acceptable safety practices.

5.7.9    If a vehicle can not be repaired on location it will be towed back to a repair facility area. The Equipment Rental Division will arrange all towing during business hours. If after hours, the individual making the arrangements will ensure the fleet manager is provided with the towing company’s paperwork the next business day.

5.7.10    All equipment modifications will be requested and justified through the using department administrator before being presented to the fleet manager for final approval. All modifications will be billed to the requesting department.

5.8    Fuel:

5.8.1    Commercial Credit Cards    Commercial credit cards may be issued to divisions or individuals as required to perform assigned tasks. They are for City vehicle and equipment use only.    Commercial credit cards may be issued only to those individuals whose job responsibilities are of a twenty-four hour nature, operating ‘undercover’, or who must travel beyond a one hundred mile radius of Renton.    Individuals using commercial credit cards are authorized to purchase fuel only at self-service pumping stations. Operators should check oil levels at each refueling and add oil as appropriate.    Individuals using commercial credit cards shall record the vehicle number, odometer reading, and legibly sign the credit card slips. All fuel and oil receipts will be returned with the credit card.    All unassigned or temporary usage cards will be returned to the Equipment Rental Division after completion of the task for which used for.    Individual who signed for the commercial credit card will be responsible for all charges incurred while signed out from the Equipment Rental Division.    Any lost or stolen cards will be reported immediately to the to the department that issued the card to the individual. If after duty hours the police will be notified at telephone number 235-2600, who will contact the appropriate department on the next business day.

5.8.2    Fueling at Public Works Maintenance Shops    All vehicles and equipment will be fueled at the Public Works fueling station unless out of town or in an emergency.    Procedures for use of pumps are prompted by the automated system and all required data is captured for scheduling of services.

5.9    Replacement and Additions to Fleet:


5.9.1    Departments will prepare and have an approved work programs identifying any additional vehicle and equipment requirement.

5.9.2    The fleet manager will formulate, with the cooperation of each department, a replacement selection criteria guideline that will include age, miles or hours, oil consumption, maintenance costs, and usage. After the above procedure has been completed, each department will be provided a copy of the selection guidelines and a review of equipment will be conducted. A determination will be made on the vehicles and equipment that fall within the replacement parameters to replace as scheduled, keep and replace another less cost effective asset, or keep as cost effective.

5.9.3    Once a vehicle or piece of equipment has been replaced or identified as having low usage, it will be pulled from the using department unless that department has obtained approval to maintain the vehicle in the fleet from the Mayor or City Council.

5.9.4    If the vehicle or equipment is being replaced it will either be sold, traded in on a new one, or in an extreme case, used by another department to replace another piece of equipment.

5.9.5    All procedures in the replacement program are designed to save the City money, not only in the purchase of new equipment, but maintenance, operations, usage, and warranty.

5.10    Disposal:

5.10.1    Once determined to be surplus to the City needs, vehicles and equipment will be pulled from the department and sold with received money being placed in the vehicle replacement fund.

5.10.2    Insurance and maintenance costs will be charged to the Equipment Rental Division once a vehicle is placed into the rental pool.

5.10.3    All involved departments within the City will be notified of sale to include the Finance and Risk Management Departments for insurance purposes.

5.11    Training:

5.11.1    Employees of the Equipment Rental Division shall request all training through the fleet manager.Training will be made known to the employees for their consideration or attendance by the fleet manager.

5.11.2    Training will be made available if it helps the city and the employee in the conduct of their job, and funds are available.

5.11.3    Training opportunities will be made available on an equal basis to all employees.

5.11.4    All training data will be collected on each employee and maintained in the EMS training menu.

5.12    Hazardous Materials and Waste Streams

5.12.1    A Material Safety Data Sheet will be on hand for all products used in the Equipment Rental Division. Copies of all Material Safety Data Sheets for products that are used in Equipment Rental Division will be forwarded to the Human Relations and Risk Management Department.

5.12.2    All products will be reviewed to determine if another less hazardous product is available.

5.12.3    Programs will be initiated and revised as environmental regulations dictate.

5.13    Service:

5.13.1    Equipment Rental employees will render all due respect to the customer in the conduct of their daily routines.

5.13.2    Each task or job will be accomplished in such a professional manner that will not give cause for questions or concern on the part of the customer.

5.13.3    Customer vehicles will have a blue customer service input card hung on the rear view mirror of their vehicles. Customers are encouraged to fill out and return them to the fleet manager. All input is valued and evaluated.


Applicable to all City of Renton departments, divisions, elected officials’ offices, and employees.